Pregnant? Here are Some Nice Maternity Legging Suggestions

Pregnant? Here are Some Nice Maternity Legging Suggestions
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

Ever tried wearing regular pants with the waistline right below the belly? That’s super uncomfortable. The buttons and the inelastic waistband places pressure around the belly area. It also makes moving very uncomfortable, especially when sitting down. Avoid that discomfort by wearing the right kind of clothes.

For the best overall in maternity leggings is the Over-The-Belly Support Leggings from Rumor Has It. The leggings with the best quality is Franato New Lady Maternity Over Bump Leggings. For best value, it’s the HDE Yoga Fold Over Pants that also doubles as stretchy maternity leggings.

Rumor Has It Maternity Over The Belly Support Leggings

Comfortable clothing helps ease some of the discomfort during maternity. Take this over the belly support leggings for instance. The over-the-belly design is comfortable to wear. The elastic material does not put any constricting pressure on the woman’s belly. It’s light, breathable and conforms well to the pregnant woman’s activities. The over the belly design is meant for maximum performance and support.

The belly panel also has a special design that allows the material to stretch as a woman moves. This same design allows the material to stay comfortably snug without being constrictive. That’s a huge plus in the comfort department. The pregnant woman does not have to keep tugging at the belly panel to adjust it with every movement.

The material also expands as the baby bump grows. This makes it a nice staple for every day wear all throughout the pregnancy period and even after giving birth.

The material is a blend of cotton and spandex.  It has 5% Spandex and 95% cotton material. Cotton for breathability, softness and comfort. Spandex gives the elasticity for greater comfort in movement. The legging material incorporates strong fibers, these help strengthen the material so it stays and keeps its shape well. No sagging.

The style is simple and versatile. It can be worn with a short maternity dress, or a nice top. It can be worn with a longish dress or tunic, as an alternative to a pair of stockings or tights. It can pair well with casuals or casual-formal tops and footwear. It can even be worn around the house.

The material is not see-through or shiny. It is soft and thick.

The over the belly section is higher in the front than in the back. This design is meant to provide support as the belly grows. Hence, this can be used even during the last trimester. This design also helps the leggings to hold up well all throughout the pregnancy.

Sizes available are small, medium, large and extra large. The leg part is full-length. The bottom of the leggings hit right at the ankle. It is not cropped nor is it too long. It is also designed to hug the legs just as regular leggings.

Available colors are black and charcoal. These colors are easy to pair with any type and color of clothes. It can easily go from being casual wear with a shirt, printed dress or a simple blouse, to something more formal or formal-casual with a blazer or a button-down.

Franato New Lady Seamless Pregnancy Over Bump Leggings

This pair is easy to slip on. The waist area easily slips over the belly for full coverage. This belly area has a small amount of extra stretch/material to provide support for a growing belly.

It is made of 5% elastane and 95% nylon. This combination provides a good balance of stretchability and durability. That also means that the belly area and the legs won’t sag or slip during activities. That’s one less hassle to deal with during pregnancy.

The nylon material is weather resistant, durable and robust. It is also more durable than polyester. It can withstand several wash-wear cycles.

The elastane material gives the leggings flexibility and elasticity. It comfortably hugs the legs, hips, waist and belly area while allowing for comfortable movements. It expands easily to accommodate the growing body, especially the belly, thighs and butt areas.

After giving birth, this high quality maternity leggings can still be worn. The elastic material can comfortably and snugly hug the legs and belly area just as well as during the entire pregnancy period.

The material is not see-through. It is made using high density knit weave for maximum coverage as well as comfort. The elastic closure also adds to the comfort as it eliminates buttons and zippers that might accidentally poke the belly. It is also seamless so there are no bumps that might dig through the legs or thighs.

The belly section has soft belly bands and knit-in panels. These allow for more room to accommodate the growing belly. This is perfect to wear all throughout the pregnancy. These panels and belly bands also provide support as well as pressure relief over the belly. These also help hold the over-bump section and keep it from slipping down the belly during active movements.

There are some leggings that tend to tighten around the butt cheeks and the crotch during active movements or when sitting down. The crotch and butt cheeks area come with some additional rib-like stitching to prevent these. The stitching is meant to provide more support during movements. These also help relieve pressure and prevent pinching.

The stitching might become an issue with some, however. Hence, it is best to wear it with something long enough to cover the butt area. The top of the thigh area comes with ruching. This helps to keep the leg part from sagging.

The available sizes include small, medium, large, XL and XXL. The length of the legs is enough to cover the ankles.

Available colors include: black, gray and blue.

HDE Maternity Yoga Pants Stretch Pregnancy Leggings

This yoga/maternity pants has a fold over waist band design. It can be used as yoga pants and double as pregnancy leggings.

The fold over design allows the wearer to adjust the height of the waist band as the pregnancy progresses. It also provides the option of wearing the waist band up over the belly or folded down underneath the belly in hot weather. This versatility allows for greater comfort.

It is silky smooth to the touch. The seams are stitched well. This is very important because bad stiches can get bunched up and then dig though the skin. The waistband sits high over the waist when unfolded all the way up. After pregnancy, the wearer can simply fold the waistband back down and use it as yoga pants.

These pants are also perfect to use from a workout straight to going about through the day. These leggings can be worn on many occasions, before, during and even after pregnancy. It can be worn for exercising, for doing errands, going out or as simple loungewear. It can also be worn through the seasons, too, from fall to winter to spring, all the way through the summer.

The material is a stretch-knit comfortable fabric. It is a blend of 5% Spandex and 95% cotton for flexibility, durability and comfort. The stretchy Spandex material keeps the leggings snugly in place without being too tight around the expanding belly area. The cotton material makes the leggings warm yet breathable.

Available sizes include medium, large and XL. For the medium size, the inseam measures 31 inches and 28 inches around the waist. The length is 43 inches. The legs flare out only a little. The bottom of the legs are slightly tapered, with the hem encircling the ankles. It’s like a regular pant-fit around the leg area rather than the usual calf-hugging leggings style.

This design makes the ankle area comfortable even if it does swell slightly as the pregnancy nears term. This brand is among the more affordable yoga pants/maternity pant options that comes with good quality material and construction.

There are 8 colors to choose from: heather grey, charcoal grey, black, black-gray space dye, black with pink, black with light blue, black with teal and black with purple. In the color combination styles, the legs are black and the fold-over waistband carry the color. The colors give pregnancy outfits a pop of color to stay stylish even while pregnant.

Pregnancy is a time for joy. It does come with a few discomforts like morning sickness. Clothing should not add to these discomforts. Choose the best for value and always consider comfort.

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