Presto Model 07061 Electric Griddle Review

Presto Model 07061 Electric Griddle Review
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

The cooking surface of the Presto 07061 is 22 x 11 inches which is large enough to accommodate a family or a group of friends. The size is also among the largest available in the market today. Because of this, most of the cooking time can be cut in half, and you can cook multiple items at a time. The removable handles make it easy for you to clean the griddle and store it neatly away in a typical 18-inch kitchen cabinet, and you wouldn’t need any extra tools to have them removed. You can even stow it with your cookie sheets because of its low profile.

The non-stick surface doesn’t only make cooking more convenient, but cleaning also wouldn’t be as messy and difficult. This is a great feature, especially if you cook a lot. You need not worry about ruining the griddle in the event that you overheat something. It also has a slide-out drip tray that is very easy to detach and clean up. Though it may not have rubber feet, it still doesn’t slip and is pretty stable when you put it on a table or a countertop.

The Presto 07061 has a power of 1500 watts and temperature range of 200ºF to 400ºF, which is perfect for frying bacon, cooking pancakes, sausages, burgers, and basically any meal you can think of. The master heat control can automatically maintain the appropriate cooking temperature, making it easier for you to manage the quality of your food. It becomes fully immersible when you take out the heat control, so you can have it cleaned in the dishwasher. As it is made of durable cast aluminum, you can be sure that it is tough enough to give you years of happy cooking. Best of all, this electric griddle is also one of the most affordable options you can come across, with a price tag of only $34.90 on Amazon.

Although the Presto 07061 is a good choice, there are some things that you should take note of. Electric griddles usually promise even heating across its cooking surface, but overtime the Presto 07061’s heating power may become uneven due to its tendency to bow towards the center. It may therefore cause the corners to have cold spots, and your food (particularly eggs and pancakes) may end up having weird shapes. Overall, the positive things about this griddle definitely outweigh the negatives, and it will prove to be a great investment especially if you are looking for something that can help make your cooking a lot more convenient.

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