Should You Adopt a Pet Just Because They Are Cute?

Should You Adopt a Pet Just Because They Are Cute
Written by Alyssia Walmsley
The perfect pet should be something that you can love with all of your heart. Most pets will stay with you for at least ten years. Many pets are known to live a lot longer. When you are looking for the perfect pet, you should always get a dog that shows you a lot of love. A pet can easily show their affection to you by not running away from you.
Many pet lovers will tell you that they know that their pet loves them by the way that they act around them. A loving dog will lick their owners face and run up to them when they come home from work. An affectionate cat may rub up against your leg or lay on your bed with you at night. Even birds, snakes and lizards have their own affectionate and trust relationship with human beings.
Never choose a pet on just looks alone. That cute pet that you saw at the pet store may not be so cute when you take them home and they turn out to be a tyrant. You must ask the pet store or Humane Society if the pet has any past habits that owners considered to be hazardous or annoying. Some dogs are known to bite, pee on the floor and bark excessively.

Get to Know the Animal First

Some cats are known to be “scardey cats.” These cats never want to see human beings and they never come out from hiding. You may find that they are not so loveable to have around the house because you never see them and every time that you see them, they run from you. A pet bird may have an annoying chirp that looked so cute in the pet store, but when you brought them home, they just drove you bonkers.
The best way to see if you like a pet’s behavior before you buy it is to find out as much as you can about the pet before you purchase it. You may want to visit the pet store a few times to see if you can speak with a different employee or volunteer each time that you go. You will find that some employees and volunteers are more honest about pet behavior than others are.
There is nothing wrong with taking in a troubled pet; however, you must know that you may need to invest in a personal trainer or someone that knows how to break pets out of bad habits. You may find that despite your best efforts, a pet may never change their ways. Many pet owners find animals that they felt as though they could train and then they failed at the task.
The next time that you are looking at a cute pet, make sure that you understand all of the “not so cute” ways about them. This will help you to see through their cute side and into the real deal of who they are as a pet.

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