The New Cooper Touring Radial Tire Reviewed

The New Cooper Touring Radial Tire Reviewed
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

The Cooper CS3 Touring Radial Tire is made by auto parts and accessories manufacturer, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. The company started its operations as early back as 1914 and has been manufacturing products for over an entire century. Cooper has been making quality automotive products with great quality standards in mind. They have made all kinds of tires for different classes of vehicles such as cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans, pickups, bikes, and even ATVs.

Cooper’s tires have always been made with careful care and precision with very few faults or mishaps. This has earned the company an international demand where consumers and automotive experts request tires from them on a daily basis. Their tires are also frequently used in automotive events such as drag race, rallies, and time trials. Cooper’s tires are custom made for events because of their high level of performance offered and the immense road safety that they provide. The company has partnered up with major event organizers and companies such as Pro Mazda Championship, Indy Lights, Canadian Hockey League, USF 2000, PBR, and TORC.

You should have no trouble trusting the Cooper brand. Not only are they famous for their professional racing tires but they also have consumer grade tires that are built to last. All of their tires are made to be highly reliable and extremely safe, as they are constantly tested and approved by private and public organizations such as the NOYS (National Organizations for Youth Safety).


The Cooper CS3 Touring Radial Tire is designed to be a tire that is meant for heavy duty activities. The tire is perfectly capable of handling any off roading or any kind of strenuous activity that you demand from it. The tire was originally made with medium to large vehicles in mind that can easily take up the abuse of hard and long journeys by road. This makes it a rough and durable tire that won’t disappoint you In the slightest whether you’re on country roads or rough terrain.

The Cooper CS3 Touring Radial Tire was conceived as a crossover between a coupe, a sedan and everything else in between. The tire can functionally work for any major class of vehicles whether they’re medium sized mini vans or large behemoth off road trucks. This kind of versatility really makes the Cooper CS3 Touring Radial Tire unique and makes it stand off on its own league.

The great thing about the Cooper CS3 Touring Radial Tires is that they are available in a wide range of different sizes. All of the main sizes are designed to fit a specific class of vehicles and allow a great level of flexibility. This means that you won’t be forced to pick and choose different tires for different cars. You can just as easily put Cooper CS3 Touring Radial Tire on all of your vehicles provided they fall into the wide array of sizes that Cooper offers. There are also some unconventional sizes offered for vehicles that usually don’t have a lot of tires made for them. This way you are allowed better choices for what tires you want on your vehicles be it old, new, common, or rare.


The Cooper CS3 Touring Radial Tire features a very rugged and tough design. The tire is made from high grade materials that have been specifically manufactured and produced to make these tire. The Cooper CS3 Touring Radial Tire’s formula is matrix blend of different materials such as silica and carbon black. By having different materials in the same tire, Cooper ensures that all the qualities of these different materials can be used to their maximum potential.

Each of the materials in the tire is precisely measured and added in specific concentrations. This allows the tire to benefit from a whole array of different chemical and physical properties all in one such as tensile strength, heat resistance, and wear and tear. While other manufacturers only use a single basic material for their tires, Cooper makes it so every quality is positively represented in their tires.

The Cooper CS3 Touring Radial Tire are completely weather resistant and designed primarily as all season tires. This allows you to use them in a variety of different driving conditions such as hot desserts, humid swamps, and even a light layer of snow. These tires will withstand just about any kind of temperature or climate changes no matter how drastic. The symmetrical molded design on the tires allows you the tires to easily go over uneven and bumpy terrain ensuring that the tire does not experience any wear or friction of being tossed around unevenly.


When it comes to the cost, the Cooper CS3 Touring Radial Tire are fairly reasonable for an all season tire. The Cooper CS3 Touring Radial Tires are priced at around $85 on most retailers and online stores. It is important to remember that the price will vary depending on the size of the tires and the type of vehicle you will use them on.

It’s also important to note that the prices will vary from store to store, so make sure you’re able to get the best deals you can and always look out for discounts and coupons. This will make sure that you get the best prices in the market.


The Cooper CS3 Touring Radial Tires are all about their long lasting and great performance. The tires are specifically designed with the five nib tread pattern that allows the tire to gain a superior amount of grip and traction. This allows you to get a precise amount of handling on the road no matter what terrain you’re on. Driving over sand and snow is especially responsive and you can even drive over patchy roads with potholes without any loss of control from your vehicle in the least.

Inside the tires, there is a high grade nylon reinforcement with two wide steel belts. These help maintain the tire’s overall shape and form. The outer single ply polyester casing helps with this to deliver an increased level of maintainability. All this translates to a great amount of stability on the road even at break neck speeds. This feature is useful for long drives on open stretches of highway where heated asphalt and continuous state of driving make the tires wear out and result in a loss of vehicle control.

There are a great number of patterned snipes inside the Cooper CS3 Touring Radial Tire’s tread. These snipes are designed with the latest 3D technology and modeling to ensure optimal structural balance and integrity. This allows a great level of comfort when driving with these tires. You will be able to feel the softness of these tires especially on long journeys which would otherwise serve to tire you. All this combines to bring you the smoothest and most relaxing drive that you will ever hope to experience.


The Cooper CS3 Touring Radial Tire offers extensive warranty coverage for the tires. The treadlife warranty extends to 60,000 miles or 65,000 miles depending on the condition on the drive, this mileage is halved if the rear tires are a different size than the front tires. The workmanship and materials warranty on the other hand is unlimited and will last the entire lifetime of the tires themselves.


All in all, its hard not to recommend the Cooper CS3 Touring Radial Tire with their superior performance, their excellent durability, their uniform handling, and their affordable price point.

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