We Review the Crosswave Floor & Carpet Cleaner

We Review the Crosswave Floor & Carpet Cleaner
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

The Bisell Crosswave is the latest floor and carpet cleaner made by electronics manufacturer Bisell. Bisell has been making quality products for household cleaning and lifestyles purposes. The company started its foundations almost a decade and a half ago in 1876 when it first launched its very own sweeper for clearing away saw dust. During its first formative years, Bisell was the first and only company in America to have a female CEO of the company. Since then, the company has grown drastically spreading its operations across various regions of the world. The company’s product line includes everything from vacuum cleaners, dusters, and sweepers to carpet cleaners and even steam cleaners.

Bisell is no doubt a major brand in the line of consumer grade cleaning appliances. In addition to cleaners and vacuums, the company also makes safe and efficient cleaning products to be used for cleaning kitchens, floors, and bathrooms. The company’s commitment to great quality products is shown in its successful sales each year in the consumer appliance market. This has also earned Bisell a great number of awards and accolades from various professionals, magazines, and major publications. No doubt, Bisell is a quality brand that you can blindly put your faith into.

The Bisell Crosswave is meant to be a multipurpose appliance for all your cleaning needs. The cleaner accomplishes a host of different tasks that you would normally have to get a few different appliances for. It also does its job without any hassle, meaning you can spend fewer hours getting worked up in the process of cleaning. This a true saving grace for homemakers that have a lot on their plate. By saving up your valuable time, you can afford to put them towards other important tasks and errands.


The Bisell Crosswave is very solid in terms of its design. The cleaner comes in a standard vaccum cleaner shape. It has a long body with an easy handle on top of it which will let you easily maneuver the cleaner around. On the bottom of the cleaner is a dust brush roller with a shapely housing. This allows you to easily. The cleaner comes in a nice neon green and black design with white and silver around the handle. The cleaner has the Bisell logo in the middle of th e unit while the Crosswave logo is found on the bottom of the unit on the dust cover.

Everything about the design of the cleaner feels solid. There’s no squeaking or creaking when using the cleaner and it doesn’t feel like it’ll come apart. The body of the Bisell Crosswave is made from blend of plastic and metal. This not only makes it durable but also lightweight at the same time. This a great addition as generally cleaners are only one of the two and they either lack the build quality or they’re heavy and bulky to move around.

Main Features

The Bisell Crosswave cleaner does multiple jobs all in one package. Not only does it clean and vacuum floors but it also washes them. Even more impressive is the fact that it does this all at the same time. As soon as the Crosswave is done vacuuming the floor surface it will automatically begin the cleaning cycle as well. This eliminates the time and effort of having to manually clean the surface after vacuuming it.

Another great feature of the Bisell Crosswave is that it is multifunctional. The dual surface area of the cleaner allows it to be used In a multitude of different ways. Not only can it clean bedroom rugs but it will also work on hard sealed floors. This is usually something that normal cleaners cannot manage but the Bisell Crosswave manages to do it effortlessly.

You can control the dual nature of the Bisell Crosswave with its innovative and intuitive controls. The cleaner has touch sensitive controls on the body of the unit that allow you to set different parameters. You can also use the controls to select whether you want to clean hard floors or soft rugs. There is an additional moisture control switch that allows you to control the moisture of the cleaner for rugs made out of more sensitive materials. These controls are very easy to use and are clearly marked on the handle of the cleaner.

The multi surface roller brush on the bottom of the Bisell Crosswave has a dual action capability. It can be used to pick up dry debris as well mop the floor at the same time. This is accomplished by the brush’s two fold material that uses microfiber as well as nylon cloth.

What’s more, the Bisell Crosswave cleaner has a dual tank reservoir. This allows you to keep two different liquids in separated chambers. What this means is that the dirty water collected from moping is kept in separate tank than the one that contains the cleaning solution. This makes sure that your dirty water doesn’t get mixed up with the cleaning solution.


The Bisell Crosswave really shines at its ability to clean out floors and rugs. The cleaner has no difficulty cleaning up even the most difficult to clean floor surfaces such as porous marble. The cleaner is able to easily mop up and vacuum these floors as well being able to work on a variety of different synthetic and exotic rugs. The powerful motor of the vacuum makes it really quick to clean surfaces and you can have an entire floor or rug cleaned in less time than it would normally take.

The cleaner works well cleaning up spills as well. All you have to do is turn on the vacuum and clean option and it’ll do the rest. What’s great about this cleaner is that it is really easy to disassemble and reassemble even for those who have never taken apart a cleaner before.

Cleaning the Bisell Crosswave is really simple and efficient. All you have to do is turn the unit off, remove the roller brush, remove the dust cover, remove the handle, and clean wherever necessary. The entire procedure is laid out in the user manual so you don’t have go around looking for instructions on how to do this. There are also helpful guidelines for making your own cleaning solution out of household ingredients if you don’t want to buy a commercial cleaning solution.


The Bisell Crosswave cleaner is very reasonably priced for what it does. Other multifunctional cleaners will either cost more or not perform as much as the Bisell Crosswave. The Bisell Crosswave retails for around $220 for the standalone base unit.

You can also opt to buy the different bundles included by Bisell. These include the area rug bundle which comes with a cleaning solution as well as a bristle attachment, the multi surface formula bundle which comes with a versatile cleaning solution, the pet pro bundle which includes the multi surface pet brush roll and pet hair strainer, and the wood floor bundle that includes the wood floor roller brush and the wood floor cleaning solution. Each of these bundles starts at around the $220 price point and goes all the way up to $242. These bundles can be a great way to get more value if you’re looking for a specific purpose for your Bisell Crosswave.


The Bisell Crosswave is one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market with its dual functionality, its great performance and design, and its affordable price point.

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