A Quick List of Fairly Decent Angle Grinders

A Quick List of Fairly Decent Angle Grinders
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

Angle grinders are amazing tools that allow you to cut metal, the working part in this tool is its wheel. The wheel helps cut off metal which is now prepared for cutting, brushing and deburring. We’ve made a list of the best angle grinders according to different price ranges that would be affordable.

Features and Specifications:

  • 11,000 RPM with 6amp slide switch.
  • Very sturdy caste metal gear case.
  • Simple and easy guard removal.
  • Spindle lock for single wrench bit changes.
  • 3 positioned side handles at multiple angles.

Operating at 11,000 RPM it is one of the fastest material removing angle grinders. For job site works it’s 6-amp motor is an ideal working machine. The cast iron metal case enables your angle grinder to last a lot longer and endure the abuses of a jobsite. The tool free guard remover helps provide exceedingly fast guard removal. Also allowing you maximum safety through alignment. The spindle lock allows you to have a single wrench bit, giving you a great opportunity to save you time on a site.

The grip positions are comfortable and effortless. Whilst using the angle grinder, you won’t be able to feel any unnecessary fatigue. This product weighs 4lbs and the angle grinder comes with a limited three year warranty one year worth of a service contract. If you’re not satisfied with the product, they provide a 90 day money back guarantee. This grinder is lightweight and feels comfortable to use.

Angle Grinder Facts

Because of the light weight of the grinder, you can keep working on it for hours unlike many angle grinders. One of the very best features of the grinder is that its motor is really strong and long lasting. The porter cable with its 11,000 RPM, cuts at a very fast pace. A lot faster than any other saws or angle grinders out there. This angle grinder could be one of the best tools you’ve ever bought for cutting or sharpening. One of the best features is that you can handle or remove essentials without any tools.

This grinder is a perfect for household medium duty use. It can also be used at a jobsite but it is a hero at home. It’s so durable that it’ll very likely last you for years. The grinder is so efficient that it can work for about several hours and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything other than grinding of course. This is because the grinder is really smooth, well balanced and can run for Several hours without any exhaustion. Overall, it’s a pretty decent grinder that can last for years and still not expire.

Definitely not your $400+ high value merchandise we must say but for under $100, this is definitely a good purchase. This angle grinder by porter cable would take care of most of your high speed material removal tasks without any great exhaustion, and a lot of applause should go to its rugged 6 amp motor that would literally pole through any job with great ease. Due to the grinder’s 3 positions handle it ensures you the best handling from any position you’re holding it from.


This helps a lot in better angle cutting and positioning of the grinder. So what you get in the box is the angle grinder, your side handles, a grinding wheel, wrench and blade guard. Porter cable is one of the oldest tool manufacturers in the market going back a total of 95 years. The company mainly believes in innovation and improvement. They keep bringing better equipment that makes every tool enthusiast’s jaw drop. You can see this passion for improvement in every product by Porter Cable.

Interestingly, the company has an entire team of researchers and developers who keep bringing about new ideas and improve on older ones. An impeccable company that produced an excellent product, this could be your very first angle grinder or may be the umpteenth.

No matter the situation, this angle grinder will not disappoint you. It’s always worth purchasing an amazing product that provides the highest performance without being hindered by cost. This model now only provides the highest performance but also maximum safety and security.

The angle grinder is your best friend for house hold odd jobs and does not tire. People who hate grinding would kind of come to love this grinder because operating it is so effortless. It’s ideal for medium tasks and even beginners, it’s that easy. With this angle grinder your grinding experience.

Would leave quite the impact on you. It’s affordable too, so you wouldn’t have to spend all that money on any other angle grinder. For the price it comes at, it’s a bargain with high quality workmanship. Get yourself an affordable and high performance angle grinder and leave out all the rest.


We now jump to our second angle grinder on the list which is a mid-range angle grinder. Like the previous model, this Makita angle grinder comes with a high power 11,000rpm output with a 7.5-amp motor. The grinder has a construction seal that protects the motor and bearing from any sort of dust or debris that might hinder its performance. This ensures the grinder will last for longer. The long paddle switch helps with better handling of the tool. Now let’s discuss some of the most amazing features.

Features and specifications:

  • 7.5amp motor.
  • Barrel grip is small with the dimensions of only 2-1/2″.
  • Labyrinth construction seal protecting the bearing and the motor.
  • Locked on/off feature.
  • Switch to AC/DC converter.
  • Thick coil wires have been wound across to enhance performance.
  • Ball bearing and a metal gear slide.
  • 1 x 4-1/2″” General Purpose Turbo Rim Diamond Blade A-94552
  • 5 x 4-1/2″” 24 Grit Grinding Wheels
  • Aluminum case
  • 4 – 4 1/2 grinding wheels
  • Diamond wheel
  • Metal gear housing
  • Paddle switch

One of the best things about this grinder is that it’s small and that enables you to maneuver it around places that are somewhat hard to reach. The grinding wheels that come with the grinder can cut through both mild and stainless steel. Holding up a lot better than many of the grinder wheels out in the market. The included discs compliment the entire grinder, allowing smooth craftsmanship.

Making your life and work experience a lot easier this grinder has a locked switch for on and off operation below the grinder which is really helpful. The diamond blade adds an extra dash of precision to your craftsmanship and helps to make really good cuts. This grinder is not a heavy load grinder though it is a very handy and easily the best for household odd jobs and medium level work.

Grinder Facts

The aluminum case is really light weight but not very durable, that is the beauty of it though. It’s very sturdy, well-made and won’t cause any hazards. You don’t need any unbolting clamps or anything of the sort. It implements a labyrinth construction for the protection of the system. Angle grinders work a lot and there are times when all that cutting could damage the product and reduce its life.

But you don’t really have to worry about that with this grinder because it is already protected from dying out that way. This grinder is absolutely perfect for sharpening tools. It’s diamond blade does the job perfectly well and it has a 11,000rpm motor which works at a very fast pace. Sharpening your other tools with absolute precision. The on and off lock is extra helpful when sharpening as well, it acts as an added built in safety precaution by the grinder. Angle grinders are not usually small.

Most angle grinders are just created do heavy duty jobs and are great for job sites however it’s not often you get to have a grinder so compact. The grinder by Marita the perfect handy power tool you’ve always wanted but somehow couldn’t find. It was designed to be a user friendly tool. The diamond blade can easily cut through the toughest metal or substances. The diamond blade allows the grinder to easily cut through granite, not a lot of grinders can actually do that.


This grinder will cost you under $100 which is a great bargain considering the other more expensive grinders out there in the market which offer little additional features. Heavy duty grinders can’t be this handy. Considering its price, it’s a good power tool to invest in. It’s easy to store and can fit perfectly inside it’s well protected aluminum case. So you have an angle grinder that is really powerful, with a power of 11000 rpm and a 7.5 amp motor. Yes, the motor contributes the most.

But how could we forget the thick metal coil wires that are wound around the mechanics? This feature contributes to the extra power behind this small tool. Having AC/DC AS it’s alternative source, this becomes quite the strong compact grinding tool. It’s diamond blade can cut through anything and is best used when remodeling your home. The diamond blade alone costs around $30.

The labyrinth construction supplements this amazing power tool to last longer. This angle grinder should be a must for any beginner or handyman. Its an amazing addition to any tool collection and considering its price, you’re actually getting a lot in one small compact angle grinder.


Last but definitely not the least on this list is a great value angle grinder by Dewalt, one of the well-known tool production companies out there. This grinder has an 11amp AC/DC, 11,000 rpm motor that allows really fast material removal and gives high overload protection. It is quite innovative since it has a dust ejection system that clears out any sort of debris or dust that could enter the grinder.

Having a low profile case that permits you to work with it in small compact spaces. This model has a quick change, allowing a free wheel change without use of any tools such as wrenches and has a one touch guard that adds a 360-degree rotational single action from the guard. The features include:

Features and Specifications:

  • 11 amp, 11,000rpm motor system.
  • Dust rejection system.
  • Low profile gear case.
  • One touch guard with 360-degree rotation.
  • Paddle based on/off lock.

The grinder although standard is very powerful and can run for several hours whilst still working at its prime. The grinder has rotating guards which do not cause any hindrance whilst working so you wouldn’t have to take it off. You can also take discs on and off again without needing to go through the hassle of using any tools. This tool is an ideal tool to prep your other tools or priming them.

Dewalt is greatly known for producing the most high quality products out there and this angle grinder is absolutely no exception. It is very strong to the point it carries out all the jobs with great precision. It is not particular light weight but the weight helps the grinder to stay sturdy while working with it. To be more durable, this grinder has the innovative feature of a dust rejection system.

The air vents allow all unwanted debris that could otherwise cause the grinder to have a slower more hindered performance to be expelled. It is a heavy weight but it has a small case which aids a lot in going into small spaces and getting the job done. All in all, a great product by Dewalt, and perfect for handy people. They can carry it around anywhere they like serving as the ultimate power tool.


From small odd house jobs to more major job site jobs this is definitely an ideal grinder which can withstand hours of workload and still not tire. For the price this angle grinder by Dewalt sells for it is absolutely worth it and you should be investing your money on this amazing tool.

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