Buying an “RV” Verses Staying in a Hotel on Your Next Vacation

Buying an RV Verses Staying in a Hotel on Your Next Vacation
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

After visiting a recreational vehicle show recently I have really started to consider if it is a good idea to purchase one. Since the price of hotels is constantly on the rise I thought it may be worthwhile to take a look at both options and really see which one is better cost wise. I was actually very surprised to find out how much money you can save by purchasing your own hotel on wheels. Below are the pros, and cons of both options.

The benefits of an “RV” purchase

What is nice about buying a recreational vehicle is that it comes out cheaper in the long run. Within just a few years you can make your money back by sleeping in the “RV”, instead of a hotel. You will also be able to save money on food. Most recreational vehicles come with a full kitchen. You can get a good price on a used recreational vehicle that has this option. Instead of eating out every day of your vacation you can instead visit a local grocery store, (don’t forget the coupons), and fill your cabinets and fridge. While on vacation your entire family can eat on a budget and you will not have to worry about paying for three meals a day for each member of the family. Really think about the amount of money you will be saving.

Another benefit is that you will not have to worry about bed bugs. Over the past several years bed bug infestations has been on the rise. If you have your own recreational vehicle you will not have to worry about this. You will have the comfort of sleeping in your own comfortable space. There are plenty of campgrounds that offer hookups, where you can easily plug in your “RV”. The best part is that the fee for most campgrounds is very cheap when compared with a hotel stay. For example did you know that you could stay at Walt Disney World Campground for as little as $46 and still get all the resort luxuries, like entering the park early? There are plenty of campgrounds which are located near major attractions.

The benefits of staying in a hotel

Of course there are plenty of benefits to staying in hotel. First of all you will not have to worry about getting up to fix breakfast or make the bed. One of the luxuries of staying in a hotel is that you get total and complete relaxation. Many hotels offer a dining option so that you can include this in your overall bill. Then there are also the amenities that are offered at the hotel. For example most hotels have a swimming pool, and a fitness center that you are free to use whenever you want. You also have the hotel staff on call when you need them. If you want food brought to your room it is all just a phone call away.

The bottom line is that it really depends on what your budget is and what type of luxury you are looking for during your vacation. If you have never stayed in a recreational vehicle before it may prove to be beneficial to rent one and try it out first, before you purchase one.

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