Cowl Neck and Over The Shoulder Maternity Dress Review

Cowl Neck and Over The Shoulder Maternity Dress Review
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

The Womens Cowl Neck and Over the Shoulder Maternity dress is the newest in the line of maternity clothes by Mother Bee. Mother Bee is well-known for its range of maternity clothes such as maxis, dresses, leggings, and many others. The company is recognized and respected for its quality products for mothers during maternity and after pregnancy. Their products are always top notch delivering fashion, durability and comfort all in one. There is a huge selection of dresses and styles to choose from their catalog and they always keep updating their product line with the latest trends so you don’t feel or look out of date.

The Mother Bee Womens Cowl Neck dress is meant to be used by women during their maternity period. The dress is designed to be very comfortable especially during the crucial moments of pregnancy where normal clothes tend to cause a lot of discomfort. It is relaxed around the major points of stress such as the waist, the bust, and the hips. The great thing about the dress is that it is very versatile. The long sleeves let you wear it in colder climates. Whereas the cowl neck lets you decide whether you want to go for an above the shoulder look or a below the shoulder look.

The dress is also available in a variety of different sizes to suit everyone’s needs. The dress comes in four basic sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. Even if the dress ends up being a few inches shorter than your sizes, it won’t feel uncomfortable in the least.

In terms of look, this dress is meant to elegant and classy. The dress comes in a variety of different patterns and color options. There are three different styles to choose from solid color, floral pattern, or printed. There is a huge array of colors you can choose from such as black, blue, burgundy, canary yellow, eggplant purple, ivory red, hunter green, floral white, midnight black, off-white, navy blue, peach, mocha, plum, teal, indigo, vintage purple, rust, maroon, olive, pink, and many others being added each year.

The dress is also very durable thanks to its makeup of 96% polyester and 4% spandex. This allows you to wear it even if your size fluctuates during the maternity and also prevents it from ripping or tearing. There are no special requirements for washing the dress and you throw it in with all your other clothes in the washing machine without any worries.

All in all, the Mother Bee Womens Cowl Maternity Dress is a great option for a maternity dress you can wear in any social gathering.

Lamaze Cotton Spandex Sleep Bra for Nursing and Maternity

The Lamaze Cotton Spandex Sleep Bra for Nursing and Maternity is a part of the maternity sleepwear line from Lamaze. The company has been making countless articles of maternity clothing for quite a while. They have an extensive product of different maternity sleepwear and undergarments such as bras, underwear, and camisoles. Their products are really popular among mothers going through the maternity period and have earned them countless awards and accolades.

The Lamaze Cotton Spandex Sleep Bra for Nursing and Maternity is meant to be a comfortable bra that you can use while sleeping. The bra comes in a variety of different sizes such as small, medium, large, x large, and xx large. These sizes will fit most cup sizes ranging from 34 B to 44 DD. You will really be able to feel the comfort of this bra during your maternity period or even afterwards during the nursing period.

The Lamaze Cotton Spandex Sleep Bra for Nursing and Maternity will easily provide you with hours of comfort along with great functionality. The surplice neckline of the bra allows you to easily slide it off or on when nursing your baby. The wide surface area of the straps provides great support and doesn’t dig into your shoulders. It is also very durable thanks to the high quality materials used to make it. The bra is made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex for an added layer of stretchiness.

The light material of the bra also makes it very suitable to be worn with multiple layers of clothing on top of it. The bra has some leeway in terms of its size so that it will stretch even if you go up a few sizes. Even if it doesn’t end up fitting, the company offers free returns. You can buy the Lamaze Cotton Spandex Sleep Bra for Nursing and Maternity in five different colors such as midnight black, heather grey, charcoal heather, light pink, and white. The bra is also easy to wash and you can throw it into your washing machine without having to worry about the colors wearing off.

The Lamaze Cotton Spandex Sleep Bra for Nursing and Maternity is a great companion to get you through those sleepless nights and those tireless days during your maternity period. It is cheap, durable, and above all very comfortable.

Beachcoco Women’s Maternity Fold Over Comfortable Lounge Pants

The Beachcoco Women’s Maternity Fold Over Comfortable Lounge Pants are made by clothing line manufacturer Beachcoco. Beachcoco has been making quality maternity clothes for a considerable amount of time. Their extensive line up of maternity clothes includes everything from maternity dresses, lounge pants, skirts, maternity jogging sets, camisoles, tunic tops, and cardigans. These are usually made from high grade materials and are preferred and recommended by countless mothers.

The Beachcoco Women’s Maternity Fold Over Lounge Pants are designed to be pants that you can wear around the house. They are meant to be very comfortable allowing you to walk around with ease. The waist on these pants is very flexible to allow a variety of different waist and belly sizes to fit into it. These pants will just about accommodate any size thanks to the extremely stretchy elastic band. This ensures that you will be able to fit into them no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy. Even still, there are a variety of different sizes that these pants are available in. The sizes range from small, medium, large, and x large.

Despite being simple lounge pants, they come in an eye catching and fashionable design. The pants come in a host of different colors such as black, charcoal, heather grey, jade, royal blue, fuchsia denim blue, burgundy, navy blue, neon orange, neon yellow, and olive. You also have the choice of having fully colored pants or black pants with a colored contrast band. Both of these options look equally appealing and you can’t go wrong with either of them.

The pants are very durable and can withstand most household conditions. They are made from a blend of 96% cotton and 4% spandex which makes them comfortable and easy to clean. They can very easily resist spills and tears of any kind. The pants also have a slightly tapered leg which allows you to fit your legs in them without fear of any tearing or ripping.

The great thing about these pants is that they are very affordable. The base price starts at $12 and goes up depending on size. You have the option of buying them in two and three packs which will cut down costs even more. All in all, the Beachcoco Women’s Maternity Fold Over Lounge Pants are a great pair of lounge pants suitable for any occasion.

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