Did You Know that Truck Tool Boxes Were a Thing?

Did You Know that Truck Tool Boxes Were a Thing?
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

For any handy person who has a truck and likes to carry around their tools with them. A truck toolbox should be an irreplaceable necessity. Why do you ask? You wouldn’t want to ruin your truck’s interior with a regular toolbox now, would you? Not to mention all the space problems a toolbox placed on a back seat might create during traveling. Now you are probably thinking “I could just throw my tools in the back of my trunk”. Well yes, you could do that but at the expense of maybe losing them to thieves.

Maybe the outside environment might get them damaged them with rust and aging. Now we all know replacing tools can be quite a lot of work and might even cost you more than the price of the tool box. Now don’t worry we have come up with a solution for that too, we’ve created a list of truck tool boxes according to your price range. This truck tool box is beautiful yet single lid low profile aluminium box.

It has a bevelled insulated lid that is constructed two inches lower on the bed rail to give you a better view through the rear-view mirror. It has an innovative structural foam lid, complimenting the unique layout of your truck. It’s constructed of the highest quality material to give you much better durability.


  • The toolbox has a foamed lid that creates a rigid wall that helps prevent any bending or warping
  • This toolbox comes with stainless steel locks that provide extra rust free protection
  • It also has a three compartment sliding tray that conveniently allows storage
  • This toolbox has an aluminum tub that is specially designed to withstand heavy weights
  • The toolboxes can absorb any grease drops from the tool and also prevents leakage
  • It has a feature that provides self-closing struts. With a slight push and it would close on its own
  • Toolbox comes with two built-in trays and screwdrivers for better efficiency
  • The lid opens at a full 90-degree angle to provide maximum room to load and unload equipment

Style and Design

UWS is famous for their construction toolboxes, these are weather resistant and keep its contents of their boxes safe. The tool box also provides easy installation, meaning that you would not have to go through long hours of reading instructions that do not make any sense. Although lightweight, the lid of this box is very rigid. Rigid enough for a user to stand on and even withstand workplace damages. The tool box lid can also be used as a work platform since it can withstand a user’s weight with ease.

It fits exceedingly well within a Tacoma or any truck for that matter. The only flaw with the product so far is not with the product itself but the packaging that it arrived in. It arrives in a very thin cardboard box which may cause a toolbox to be dented when you receive it. Due to shipping faults, the product might come dented but not completely damaged. This is not the manufacturer’s fault but more likely the shipping outlet’s problem. Other than that, the box really does not seem to have any great flaws.


The toolbox comes in this amazing, elegant black color style that makes it look nice and would match well with a truck of any color, black seems to suits everything. The lid of the box is two inches shorter so that it doesn’t obscure the middle of your field of vision when driving or parking the vehicle you’re driving and do not forget the extra strong lid on the tool box that can withstand any weight. Meaning that you can make this into a mini workstation and you do not have to worry about your tools rusting.

Because like we already mentioned the foam seal between the lid and the inside of the toolbox would keep them protected. This tool box also provides adequate storage, so you can carry your power tools or any small to medium sized tool as well. The toolbox can also carry around heavier tools because of its extra strength. If your profession requires carrying tools around a lot, you should get this tool box.


It fits in well and like we already said, it’s not hard to assemble and will totally compliment your truck no matter what color it is. Given the price this product would cost you, it is a fair bargain. There are a lot of expensive tool chests out there that are not nearly as good as this model. Alternative toolboxes could cost a lot initially and could leave you disappointed because of their low reliability or durability.

UWS is already quite well known for the truck tool boxes it constructs and you would not regret your storage item purchase decision. You don’t necessarily have to carry tools around in this box, you can carry your electronic equipment, art supplies or literally anything and would not have to worry about getting them damaged. You also wouldn’t have to worry about your back seat being trashed by tools.

Additionally, you wouldn’t have to worry about your tools being stolen or damaged if you just wanted to throw them in the back of your trunk. It’s a good toolbox worth your money and you will not regret purchasing it. It’ll make your tools more portable, don’t worry about showing up to work without your tools because you ran into minor storage inconveniences. With a reasonable price, this truck toolbox by UWS comes you would be absolutely satisfied by the purchase and use it for many times to come.

Weather Guard

Now we come on to the second product within the list which the best quality truck toolbox. We know how expensive these truck tool boxes can be, so we also bring you the best truck toolbox that money can buy. The weather guard tool box is the perfect toolbox for any pickup truck. Including an extreme coat of paint that provides extra protection to the contents of your tool box. Not to mention the lock corner support channels that provide the best support for the tool box and makes it incredibly sturdy.


  • It provides leveled storage and comes with a tray
  • Has armor clear coat which provides maximum protection
  • The most sturdy corner support channels that help the toolbox maintain its balance
  • Has an extreme protection lock that would provide the kind of storage that would get your toolbox to be maximum security from anyone trying to steal or peak inside the box

To determine if this tool box is of great quality, we must first discuss all its features in full detail. Firstly and foremost, let’s talk about those hinges and locks. These hinges and locks are smooth and are high quality. The toolbox has a single latch type system that is very solid and has a thick automotive rubber which acts as its seal. You do not have to worry about the latch being hard to seal shut since it is very smooth and wouldn’t require much effort to seal shut, you could even close it shut with only one arm.


The tray that would come with the toolbox is great quality, and it holds up well, fitting exceedingly well within each side of the truck tool box so you wouldn’t have to worry about it coming undone or sliding off when you’re driving. This model by weather guard is a low-profile toolbox which means it’s not too tall, which would give perfect vision from your back window and will not cause any vision obstruction.

The aluminum of the box is very thick, so the tool box would not age as fast as your standard tool box would. The aluminum is covered with a clear coat which can protect the box from the stubbornness of chemicals. The push buttons on the toolbox are absolutely phenomenal. You can now get the toolbox to open, even though your hands are full something. Weirdly this is something you don’t find often in most truck toolboxes. Let’s discuss the amount of protection that the toolbox actually provides inside.

Weather Resistant

Since it is a product by weather guard, it is bound to be one of those products that would protect your tools from any sort of atmospheric strains. The weather stripping on the tool box is absolutely perfect and does not allow any sort of moisture inside the box even after heavy rain. The toolbox enables you to lock and unlock it from either side, meaning the locking mechanism gives easy access to the owner.

In case you wanted to unlock the box through the passenger side, you can easily do that too. Because of its innovative design, the box provides maximum storage. The tray itself adds in more room unlike other truck tool box trays that only make it seem more congested. This is because the slide portion of the tray is above the storage portion, giving enough room for items to be stacked and gives maximum storage space. The tray in this tool box is steel and is painted red, so it doesn’t break or run out easily.

They are not plastic trays, like most toolbox trays that don’t last very long. Not to mention that these toolboxes comes with their very own mounting hardware, making it far more convenient for the user. The tray provides the function of an organizer, you can put useful items here and less handy another one. It’s a deep box, you don’t have to worry about storage and this fits very well to its low profile title.


It doesn’t cause any inconveniences while driving. The latches and hinges especially are of top quality. This truck tool box also has a silver color due to its aluminum exterior, because of this the box would look great on a colored vehicle. There are undoubtedly some great tool boxes out there in the market and one of them is this low-profile truck tool box by weather guard. If somebody were to put money into purchasing this truck toolbox, they would realize it was spent on a product that was well worth it.

Bringing careful innovation to its product, weather guard has really outdone itself this time. The truck toolbox is an ideal one, due to its multipurpose. It does the duty of protecting all tools and equipment from the moisture within the environment whilst also preventing rusting. It acts like a perfect security guard for the tools with exceedingly strong hinge and latches. A thief wouldn’t even try prying it open.

It also provides an decent amount of storage to keep your equipment in. You would not have to worry about lesser storage space with this tool box. So, what are you waiting for? Get this amazing truck tool box by weather guard and make your life easier. You will not be disappointed, and this toolbox would absolutely turn out great and meet up to all your tool bag expectations. And who knows, it might turn out so impressive that you might even get another one or recommend it to other people on Amazon.

Better Built

Now comes the third one in our list of the best truck tool boxes. This one is a valuable toolbox in case the price of the others were a little bit high. This Better built truck tool box also known as the “Original Aluminum truck toolbox” is one of the best products by ‘better built’ that is known for the high-quality aluminum truck tool box they make. In the past two decades, the better-built company has expanded in building accessories like a ramp and ladder tracks, whilst bringing innovation to aluminum storage.

Since the toolbox comes as a low-profile tool box it would give more room to you to have better vision through the rear-view window. The design of the tool box is supportable for any standard or full-sized truck. It comes in two designs, one of them is an edge design which accommodates wheels whereas a deeper design allow better storage features, this being the second box design that they have created.


  • Provides fast and free shipping straight from the warehouse
  • You can even return the product if you’re not satisfied with the quality

You would not have to worry about whether you can return it or not because the company provides free returns. All in all, it’s a great standard low-profile toolbox. For the price you’re buying, it provides good features and as a cherry on top, you can even return the product without any cost. The product itself is strong Aluminum, which can withstand the abuse of a worksite or any weight for that matter.

With its amazing silver finish, it can blend in with any trucks exterior and what’s best about it’s it won’t obstruct the view from the rear-view window. It provides a great amount of storage, which is good for your power and normal sized tools. This toolbox should be your absolute go-to if you like to keep your tools protected from the outside environments, secure from getting stolen and if you want portability.


It’ll also save your back seat and the truck’s expensive interior from carrying around tool backpacks in. This toolbox comes with an affordable price tag and is one of the best truck tool boxes ever created by better built. What’s best with this product is that unlike many toolboxes out there, this one won’t come damaged and bent or warped because it comes straight from the warehouse to your doorstep.

Get this truck toolbox as soon as you can and test it for the aluminum wonder it is. This toolbox would meet up to your expectations and you would be glad that you chose this particular product along with getting it for such a low price. It’s one of the most ideal low profile, high value truck toolboxes around.

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