How to Deal with Weeds, Vines, Roots and Other Garden Nasties

How to Deal with Weeds, Vines, Roots and Other Garden Nasties
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

The Compare N Save Weed Killer is a passive herbicide that works cleanly. This excellent weed killer will only work on the weeds or plants it is directly sprayed on. What this means is that neighboring plants that do not encounter the weed killer are completely safe. Killing only undesirable weeds and leaving the rest of your garden intact. The weed killer can kill a variety of different weeds and brushes.

  • Active Ingredient: 41% Glyphosate
  • Volume: 1 Gallon
  • Coverage Area: 25,000 sq. ft.
  • Weight: 9.65 pounds
  • Visible Results: 2-4 days


Such as the Annual Bluegrass, Bromegrass, Goosegrass and Puncture Vine, Alder, Willow, Elderberry, Honeysuckle, and Cogongrass are all killed. Compare N Save guarantees to kill most common species of weeds and wild grasses. It’s effective at eradicating just about anything you throw at it. Additionally, you can use the weed killer to get rid of tree stumps. To do this, simply apply the product on top of a tree stump to prevent it from maturing. It’s crucial to apply the killer on the stump as soon as it is cut.

If too much time is taken before the stump is cut, it’ll result in scab formation on of the stump. Once this happens, the scabs act as a protective layer, making any weed killer useless. You can apply this weed killer on the stump with foam, brush, scrubber, or cotton balls depending on how the surface area of the stump is. It’s important to make sure to apply the weed killer directly on top of the stump.

Spread the weed killer evenly across the surface making certain that you get all of it covered. Simply wait 4 weeks for the weed killer to do its job. Using the best weed killer is straightforward. All there is to do is mix the weed killer with appropriate amounts of water. Typically for a 300 sq. ft. area, you add 3 spoons of concentrate. Simply mix one gallon of water with a ½ ounce of the Compare N Save Weed Killer. Once mixed, pour the contents in a sprayer. If you’re using a hand sprayer, use small amounts.


For hand sprayers, it is recommended to use 2 tablespoons in 24 ounces of water. For tougher weeds, you can double the concentration of the weed killer. Although there is a public belief that weed killers are the cause of detrimental issues, this is not the case. After a stirrup of controversy regarding all the weed killers to be a potential carcinogen, a study was conducted by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer). During the test, a large size of weed killers were tested for potential cancer risk.

It was concluded that under normal working conditions and handling procedures, this product was no risk to health. Further studies have proved that homemade weed killers made from soap, vinegar and salt were found to be more toxic than Compare N Save Weed Killer. You can use it freely without fear of any adverse risks. All you must do is wear gardening gloves and close the bottle properly after use.

With standard garden chemical handling procedures, you should be no more at risk than household cleaning products. This Weed Killer provides all the necessary information on the label of the bottle. You’ll find all kinds of useful information within. From directions on what safety equipment to use to detailed instructions. A list of all active ingredients is provided with the amounts and concentrations.


This makes it convenient for you to know exactly what kind of chemicals Compare N Save uses in its product. You are even given instructions on how to safely store the weed killer and properly dispose of it when you are done using it. This ends up saving you time looking online for instructions or safety guidelines. Instead of fishing for unreliable information online, you can get it from the manufacturer.

The Compare N Save Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer can kill weeds discreetly. You will not notice any harmful odors or bad residue. The weed killer does its job without leaving a mess behind. From the first spray to the result, it’ll be like there was nothing there at all. There is no permanent residue left behind in soil. It evaporates quickly, preventing other plants from indirect contact via downwind.

The Compare N Save Weed Killer also doesn’t ruin the soil it is sprayed on. You can immediately start planting grass and plants again with no downtime. The plants that do end up growing are completely healthy. There are no deformities or mutations caused by using this weed killer. This way you can use the weed killer freely without having to square off or quarantine your garden for months at any time.

Our Final Verdict

Compare N Save is an affordable weed killer that works well for any tasks you put to it. There is not much that it does wrong. The product is great for any amateur landscaper, agricultural hobbyist, or just about anyone that wants to keep their garden clean from weed, vines, trees or any other mess.

Roundup Plus

The ‘Roundup Weed and Grass Killer’ is a Glyphosate based weed killer made by the world-renowned biotechnology company, Monsato. Monsato is known for their innovative agricultural, pharmaceutical and health industry products and is most notably known for its GE (Genetically Engineered) products.

These GE products include things like modified seeds and crops. Whilst providing all kinds of farming-based products such as fertilizers, pesticides and (most importantly) weed killers. Roundup is almost a famously recognized name in the industry. It’s a common weed killer used for forestry and home use.

  • Active Ingredient: Glyphosate
  • Volume: 1/2 Gallon
  • Coverage Area: 30,000 sq. ft
  • Weight: 3.13 pounds
  • Visible Results: 12 Hours

The Roundup Weed Killer is pre-mixed straight from the manufacturer. You won’t have to spend any additional time or effort the reading instructions or measuring amounts. You can simply take out the necessary portion of weed killer required for your personal garden project and pour it into a sprayer.

Main Features

After that, all you must do is spray it on the plants you want to kill and wait for the results. It’s best to use Roundup on a warm sunny day with little humidity. Using the product in rainy weather is not too advisable as it will become diluted and run down from the plants. Despite this, Roundup does become rainproof after it has been sprayed for slightly over half an hour. You should always keep the product away from direct sunlight. While the sunlight doesn’t destroy the formula, it could make it less potent.

Aside from the 18% makeup of Glyphosate, the roundup killer contains an active ingredient Diquat in a concentration of 0.17%. The Diquat works alongside Glysophate, desiccating weeds and eliminating foliage. Unlike pure Glyphosate, Diquat isn’t linked towards any significant health hazards. A potential side effect of using products containing Diquat is a minor allergic reaction, such as rashes or irritation.

Any adverse effects can be entirely avoided by wearing gloves and face masks. Roundup can be used for a variety of different purposes such as lawn renovation, stump treatment, brush and vine control, landscaping and spot spraying. Spraying the weed killer around fences, patios, paths or any sidewalk.

You can even spray on a driveway to keep the weeds from forming there in the future. Weeds that are destroyed do not grow in the same spot for at least a couple of months. Roundup weed killer goes all the way down to the base of the plant making the area uninhabitable for around 10 months. This will prevent any new weeds from reforming in the vicinity, the Roundup weed killer is entirely safe to use.

Quality Over Quantity

The active ingredient, Glyphosate only works on plants and bacteria. Glyphosate works by disabling the metabolic pathway known as the Shikimate pathway. The Shikimate pathway is essential for the growth of plants and certain bacteria. By inhibiting this pathway, plants are made to wither and die. It’s advisable to wear safety equipment and only use a weed killer according to the instructions given.

Since humans do not contain this metabolic pathway, it’s entirely safe for usage. However, certain gut bacteria that contain this pathway may be affected, which results in problems in the digestive system. By weight, Glyphosate is found to be less toxic than regular table salt. With proper safety precautions, you shouldn’t face any health issues using it, even with the prolonged use of the Roundup Weed Killer.

Make sure to rinse off the sprayer bottle a couple of times after use to get rid of any leftover residue. You should always wash your hands thoroughly to ensure you don’t accidentally ingest it while eating. Roundup works over a wide area killing large grouped weeds easily. It has a maximum range of up to 5000 sq. ft. when used with a tank sprayer. You can also use a small spray bottle for spot spraying on sensitive areas around other needed plants. It’s crucial to use this in good weather for optimal results.


Excessive rain or wind can hamper with the weed killer’s effectiveness. It’s also important to spray the weed killer downwind to prevent a blowback. Storing the Roundup Weed Killer is simple and easy. All you have to do is cap the bottle after use and store it in a cool, dry place. The storage area should not be too cold or too hot so as to upset the contents of the weed killer. You should also avoid putting the Roundup Weed Killer near any direct sunlight or dedicated heat source, such as a heater or furnace. It can be stored away in a garage safely with all of your other tools like angle grinders or circular saws.

Roundup only kills plants it comes into contact with; this means that it won’t harm any other plants or grasses in your lawn. You can replant any plants you want to use just one day after applying the weed killer and they won’t be harmed as they grow. Since the weed killer only works on mature living plants you can have seeds planted in the soil that won’t be affected but there are slight differences for some.

An ornamental plant like flowers, trees and shrubs can be planted one day after use. But herbs, fruits, lawn grass and vegetables can be planted 3 days after use. With its active ingredients, it kills weeds at a much faster rate than most weed killers. This product takes anywhere from 2 – 5 days to completely kill the weed, owing to its use of Glyphosate. The weed killer does not only kill the upper portion of a weed but spreads through it entirely, all the way to the root. Making this a broad-spectrum herbicide.


Glyphosate manages to act as a broad-spectrum herbicide, preventing plants from making necessary proteins. Stopping the synthesis of these proteins halts the growth of the plant and ultimately kills it. Roundup is a powerful weed cleaner that doesn’t let anything stand in its way. It provides you with the best weed protection money can buy. While not the cheapest product, it gives a bang for your buck.

Spectracide 2

Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer 2 is made by American manufacturer, Spectrum Brand Holdings. The company started out as early as 2005 with its line of lawn and garden care products. Since then, Spectrum has been making home improvement products such as batteries, aquarium care products, personal appliances, pet supplies and gardening products. The brand is known well in the gardening industry for its insecticides, weed killers, and plant growth products. Their new Spectracide formulas are products, well renowned for their fast-acting and incredibly powerful weed killing action product.


  • Active Ingredient: Chemical Blend
  • Volume: 1 Gallon
  • Coverage Area: 17,000 sq. ft.
  • Weight: 8.9 pounds
  • Visible Results: 3 Hours.

Main Features

The Spectracide works much quicker than your average weed killer. It only takes about 3 hours to kill any weeds you use it on. You should start observing the initial results within the hour or so, where the weed starts to lose its color and becomes withered. After about 3 hours, the weed dies out completely and you’re free to pick out with a weed scraper. The Spectracide Weed Killer is also weather resistant.

The weed killer becomes rain resistant in 15 minutes. Meaning it becomes entirely rainproof just 15 minutes after the initial application. This makes the Spectracide Weed Killer an ideal product for use when you have uncertain weather conditions. The product spreads out evenly throughout the weed, the increased surface area makes it settle quicker. The weed killer isn’t affected by strong wind drafts.


Owing to the active ingredients in the Spectracide Weed Killer’s formula, the result is very long lasting. The weed killer promises to kill weeds and leave the area barren for extended periods of time. So, you can expect Spectracide Weed Killer to prevent weeds from growing back up again for about 3 months. This is great if you just want to get rid of a troublesome weed while rebuilding your garden efficiently.

This weed killer is very potent and kills weeds with the smallest amounts. All it takes is a few sprays to neutralize most wild plantations. The Spectracide formula consists of a 0.05% percent composition of Lambda Cyhalothrin. Lambda-Cyhalothrin is a synthetic pyrethroid which works as a liquid, absorbing into the plant cells. This formula breaks down the plant proteins into their derivative forms. Since a lot of these proteins are essential to the plant’s growth, their absence ends up hampering the plant’s life.


The Spectracide Weed & Grass Killer 2 is an exceptional product that provides the best treatment for a fraction of the price. And while the formula doesn’t last as long as other weed killers, the initial blow is hard-hitting. Spectracide works wonders for those looking for a quick and painless gardening solution.

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