How to Display Feathers Decoratively to Match Your Furniture

How to Display Feathers Decoratively to Match with Your Furniture
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

Adding style to your home can be as simple as adding a few feathers. Decorative feathers are available at any craft supply stores and make for an inexpensive decor addition. Here are a few surprising ways you can showcase feathers in your home.

How to Display Feathers

Apothecary Jar: Apothecary jars are a great way to showcase feathers in your home decor. Simply remove the lid to the jar. Insert an entire package of downy style feathers into the glass container. Or, trim a peacock style feather to fit standing up inside the jar. Secure the lid and enjoy!

Tall Vase or Urn: Tall vases or urns also make a great way to display feathers in your space. Stick long style feathers, such as the peacock or pheasant variety, inside the container. Leave the end sticking out for display, this idea also works well when pairing feathers with decorative dried flowers and branches.

Clear Glass Drink Pitchers: One surprising way to display feathers on a mantelpiece or dining table is inside a clear glass drink pitcher. Add a base layer of downy feathers to the bottom, if desired, leave a taller feather sticking out of the top of the pitcher, a faux bird, purchased at a local craft or thrift store, can also be perched on the pitcher’s handle.

Wineglasses: Wineglasses are a fun and unique way to display feathers, this look is especially great when several identical glasses are arranged in a row of a mantle or shelf. Add feathers of all shapes, sizes, and colors to the glasses to create a surprising appeal.

Masonary Jars are for a country style appeal to add to your decor. Try showcasing five to six inch long feathers inside a half dozen or more mason jars. These jars can be found at local supermarkets in packages of a dozen for only a few dollars.

Types of Feathers to Use

Peacock feathers are the most widely used types for decorating and have a bright blue or greens color to them. These long feathers either come from male birds that have naturally shed the plumes or are manufactured artificially.

Pheasant feathers vary widely in their style and length. However, the most often used pheasant feathers are over a foot long and contain rich coloring, just like the peacock variety, these feathers can be dropped naturally or created.

The downy type of feather is usually from ducks and geese. In most circumstances, the feathers are used in blankets and pillows, however, colored varieties can be purchased by the package at most craft supply stores.

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