Knee Pads for Doing DIY Around The Home

Knee Pads for Doing DIY Around The Home
Written by Alyssia Walmsley


Their focus is on providing the customer a comfortable experience with the product and having useful features to solve or help their work based knee problems. It is no surprise that NoCry is one of the most popular brands when customers choose their safety wear and accessories, especially for knee pads. These knee pads are available in a wide range of styles with many different features.

The NoCry knee pads are ideal to be used for everyone, whether male or female, adult or child. It provides the perfect balance of comfort and firmness. They are equipped with gel cushioning and padding that not only provides additional comfort around their knees but also protects the knee from injury. In fact, the makers of these knee pads consider their product to be “pillows for the knees”. Since the gel inside makes bending down and kneeling much easier much easier than without them.


Moreover, the EVA padding provides extra support for the knee. The bare knee can be pretty weak and at most worksites require protection, not to mention the joint pain associated with bending and stretching for hours at a time will be reduced. These knee pads do not slip or roll around during use like some cheaper variants do. The user may move around any type of flooring very comfortably since these are abrasion resistant, meaning that they do not slide around on any work surface.

There are also PVC caps that are there at the center of the knee pads. These are equipped with a textured design and help to prevent the user from slipping and rolling. Not only do these knee pads have great versatility, protection, and comfort, but also provide the user with a great experience.

If the user is not satisfied, they have the option to return the knee pads back to the company who take customer feedback very seriously. The after sale service is also quite friendly and always seem ready to help solve all customer issues, questions, and problems.

These knee caps are one of the best in terms of overall protection. They are ideal for working, playing or simply because the user requires them for support. They can be easily used for construction work, carpentry, sports or gardening since they are incredibly simple, comfortable to use and wear daily.

Easy to Adjust

They can be worn by anybody since they are equipped with the adjustable strap to fit around the knee. These knee caps are equipped with neoprene straps which are adjustable to securely fit the knees. These straps have a circumference of about 10-22 inches and there is also a slip buckle clip to secure the straps making it sturdy. You can criss-cross strap the knee for an even better fit.

You can simply choose the way it fits you according to your own style and preference. Not only do these knee pads protect your knees from injury or pain, but also protect the floor or the surface that you may be working on. That being said, these are not just for work, since these pads can be worn for all purposes. They can be used indoors and around the house for constant bending or kneeling and will not damage the flooring, even the hardwood flooring is safe from these knee pads.

These knee pads are made of high quality, long lasting material and can easily be able to withstand heavy-duty use. It is constructed with a heavy duty nylon thread which is super comfortable on the knees and there is also about 600D of polyester mesh, allowing breathing space for the knees. This is a great feature to have, especially for those who wear knee pads for long hours.


  • Size: Fits All
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Competitive pricing
  • Equipped with CE EN 14404 safety certification


  • Simple to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be cleaned with a washcloth
  • Well known brand name
  • Great after sale customer services
  • Long lasting and durableMade with hi
  • GH grade materials
  • Great fit and stability
  • Complaints of slipping on the floor
  • Straps are not very durable

Most customers who used these knee pads were absolutely satisfied and have written about how much they have helped subside the pain in their knees and have commented on how comfortable they are. Other customers commented on how durable and long-lasting they were.

Along with a few that mentioned they were easy to maintain. Customers have used these knee pads for all kinds of work, gardening and for wearing due to injury based knee pain. Few customers did not have a pleasant experience with these and mentioned a low-quality strap.

Other mentioned how these knee pads did not last long and broke easily. Overall, the majority of the customers were satisfied with this product and have given it a high star rating due to its quality and the value for money.


DEWALT is a brand name that is synonymous with hardcore protection and a large range of no-nonsense equipment. DEWALT is an all American company from the USA and does the construction of their materials in the USA whilst selling all over the world. They deal with all types of work equipment and safety materials. They are the market leaders for safety and protection equipment for work.

It is no surprise that this company is also known for making one of the best knee pads for work that feature superior quality and long lasting design above all else. This company has been around in operation since 1922 and is still working hard to maintain their position of being on the top.

They are constantly researching and innovating which is why their products are often modernized, high quality and highly focused on a specific need. Their professional kneepads are one of their best selling knee pads for work and very popular with the customers.


These professional knee pads are ideal to be used for those people who engage in work which involves putting a lot of pressure on the knees or kneeling down for long periods of time. In such conditions, the knees usually become weak and eventually a chronic pain develops if it is not taken care of, chronic knee pain can lead to long-lasting damage and possibly serious surgery if unresolved for long enough. As such, one does not need to have a pain in the knee to wear these knee pads.

But to use them as protective gear for their knees. This knee protection provides strength, protection, and durability to the knee area. The knee pad itself is made up of a ballistic Polly material. Moreover, it has enhanced the level of security due to the heavy duty clips provided. These enable the user to easily put the knee pads on. Keeping the clips on the knee pad safe and secure.

A lot of attention was paid to every detail of this knee pad. The stitching around the pad is done in such a way to ensure that these pads last longer and are able to hold up during all kinds of work situations. Ensuring that these can be worn easily for all types of professions. There is also an upper tab so that the user can easily reposition their knees without feeling that it is trapped or is too tight.


These caps are very user-friendly, all of the straps are easy to use and adjustable, which means the user can find their own comfort level and find how they would like to wear their knee pads. They can wear it loose or tighten them as much as they want. There are a slip buckle and strap system which makes this possible. This way, these knee pads can be used by everyone, men, women and children alike since these are adjustable and easy to use. They work well in all kinds of professional settings.

The Dewalt professional knee pads provide safety and protection to the knees to hugely reduce the chance of injury or pain. The knee pads can easily be worn in professional settings, for work purposes as well as for sports purposes. They help to protect the knees from any pain that can develop during working in different conditions and situations. Not only that, but they also provide the user with an extreme level of comfort within their protective layers around the knee area.

Since they are equipped with layered gel technology. This gel layer is a thick and closed cell padding that is made of foam, which is able to surround the knees for the greatest level of comfort and support. The material is made up of a neoprene fabric liner that further adds to the level of comfort for the user so that they can be worn all day long.

Since these knee pads act as prevention and protection to the knee, most people would not even know where their knee pain disappeared. Furthermore, these knee pads are priced just about right and at quite an economical rate, making them great value for money.


  • Surface for use: Flooring
  • Padding: Closed Cell Foam Padding
  • Fastener is a slip buckle
  • Color: Multi colors available
  • Size: Large
  • Weight of the item: 1 pound
  • Head style: Flat


  • Easy and simple to use
  • High quality of design and material
  • Well known brand name
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Suitable for all professions
  • No customer services available on the phone
  • May make the knee area sweaty

The Dewalt professional level knee pads are well liked by most customers. They mainly commented on the great level of comfort that these knee pads provide and in fact, one customer mentioned that they sometimes forget that they were even wearing knee pads since they are so comfortable.

Others commented on how they can wear these knee pads all day long on concrete flooring and their knees do not feel a thing. The majority of customers have commented that these work brilliantly and praised the DeWalt name for being the best. Some users, however, did not find these knee pads worthy, since their pads broke very easily and the straps did not work well for them.

A few others have complained about their lack of customer support and service and since it is not possible to contact them via phone, some found their customer services hard to reach to complain or provide their feedback. Overall, most users had a positive experience with these great knee pads and have recommended them to others after giving them a high star rating.

Soft Knees

Soft knees is a brand name that is known for their high quality of products and a large variety of safety gear and equipment. Their products are made with a superior design which is known to be durable and long-lasting. They have a specific design for their knee pads using patented technology. It is strap free and ideal for all sports situations, they are specifically designed for Netball though.

The soft knees knee pads can be used by anybody who is looking to protect their knees from injury or pain during netball. They are ideal for netball players and in fact they were made for those players who are in an occupation which requires a lot of bending and kneeling.

As such, these are made to protect the knees from large amounts of impacts and pressure that is put on the knees in such situations. These knee pads have the perfect amount of padding to protect the knees and to provide a comfortable solution.


These soft knee pads can be used in all types of professions, be it a Netball player, a worker in the electrical industry, welding, construction, painting or anything else which puts pressure on the knees with repetitive work. These knee pads are great for volleyball players and are highly recommended for that sport. Moreover, these knee pads are also quite comfortable and easy to wear.

They are lightweight yet they are quite strong and sturdy. So the user does not feel much pressure or tightening whether they are sitting or standing while wearing these knee pads. Furthermore, these knee pads are priced well and provide a great quality set of knee pads for a very inexpensive price.

  • Made with hypoallergenic materials
  • Able to protect the knees from wet or cold surfaces
  • Can be installed in double knee work wear
  • One size fits all


  • Perfect and Designed for Netball Players
  • Easy to wear
  • They can just be slipped on without a strap
  • Suitable for workers in all types of industries
  • Ideal for Volleyball players
  • Provides cushioning without straps
  • Kneepad material is quite thin
  • May shrink in size after washing

Most customers who used this knee pad were quite satisfied with their performance. Most customers who used these knee pads do not use them in professional settings but mostly to deal with their knee pain, for playing a sport or for gardening and other purposes.

Many customers are satisfied using these for their carpentry or plumbing activities. Some customers were not satisfied with the results of these knee pads and commented that these are not thick enough for protection and comfort. Overall, however, the large majority of users left positive reviews and considered these as excellent value for money.

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