My Dog Breed Masterclass: The Playful Afador

My Dog Breed Masterclass The Playful Afador
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

Are you looking for a playful, easy to care for dog that makes a friendly and companionable pet? Consider the Afador. You may not have heard of an Afador before, because they are a recent breed among the new rage of designer dogs. Afadors are a mix between a purebred Afghan Hound and a purebred Labrador Retriever. Can you think of a more loving, playful, and energetic mixed breed?

The Afador Breed

An Afador looks like a large sturdy Labrador Retriever with a longer snout and more fur. Their coat is long and fine, except around the face and snout where the hair is shorter. Afadors are generally a bit smaller than Labrador Retrievers. In most cases you can expect a medium sized adult dog.

Because of their coat, Afadors require significant grooming attention. Because their coat is soft and silky, they need to be brushed well at least twice a week. Do not allow an Afador’s beautiful coat to become tangled and stiff due to lack of care. The coat is more delicate than you may think and can break and become wiry. The length of the Afador’s coat makes it easy for this dog to tolerate cold temperatures. Do not, however, leave and Afador outside without a warm place to stay.

It is certainly acceptable and easy to keep Afadors as indoor dogs. Although they are a bit stubborn and difficult to train in some aspects, with patience, authority, and consistency an Afador can be house trained and kept indoors. An Afador will generally calm down when it comes inside, given adequate outdoor play time.

The Afador can be aloof when you are training him, so you may need to be prepared to take the Afador to obedience training for best results. Do not mistake stubbornness for lack of intelligence. An Afador is an intelligent dog.

Characteristics of the Afador Dog Breed

Like other retrievers, Afadors are anxious to run, fetch, and give chase to most anything that moves. They must be safely fenced or kept indoors away from cars because they will give chase.

Like both the Afghan Hound and Labrador Retriever, the Afador enjoys children. The biggest concern when you have an Afador and small children in the house is that the Afador, due to its size and tendency for rambunctious play may accidentally hurt a child.

It’s not a good idea to introduce an Afador that has been raised away from kids into a house with small children. While the dog would do well with teens and adults, an Afador would need to be trained to adjust his behavior around children. On the other hand, if you introduce an Afador puppy into a house with small kids, allowing them to grow together, your child will have a loyal companion and overseer for life.

Afadors love outdoor play and require a lot of exercise. They make good pets for people who live in the country or on a wide, open expanse of land. Afadors will not thrive living in an apartment or small home in the city where they cannot run and play daily. They need more than a couple of walks, they need to be outdoors for hours at the time for rigorous exercise. Cluster homes with small backyards are not very suitable for Afadors either.

An Afador will thrive given a large backyard with trees and shrubs that attract wildlife. They enjoy barking and chasing birds, squirrels, and chipmunks.

Who Makes a Good Afador Owner?

An Afador is loving and will easily attach to any owner. The key, however, to raising a healthy and thriving Afador is being an owner who has time and space to play with the dog. An Afador needs and requires your attention. They are not bred to live independently.

Where to Buy an Afador

The first place to check before you buy any dog is your local humane society and dog rescue centers. You may find a loving Afador that has been abandoned and needs a home.

Those who want to buy designer mixed-breed Afador puppies should check pet classified for mixed breeds. As designer breeds, like the Afador, become more popular they will become more readily available. Currently, however, you may have to put your name on the waiting list with a breeder to get an adorable, fun-loving Afador.

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