Nursing Covers: The Breastfeeding Essentials Part 1

Nursing Covers The Breastfeeding Essentials Part 1
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

Breastfeeding is always the best for both babies and moms. The benefits are numerous, from improved baby development to a stronger bond between moms and babies.

Breastfeeding, however, is not always convenient. Moms might need to breastfeed while in a public place. The answer to this? Use nursing covers.

The overall best scarf/nursing cover is the Kiddo care Infinity Nursing Scarf. The best quality in the market is the QAQADU Nursing Cover scarf. For the best value, the QUNQI Star is a good choice.

Kiddo Care Infinity Nursing Scarf

Moms do not have to carry bulky bundles around anymore to serve as cover when breastfeeding a baby. Unfold this large infinity scarf and let it hang on one shoulder to turn into a nursing cover.

The design is easy to use during breastfeeding. It does not take too many adjustments before or during breastfeeding to keep the breasts and the feeding baby hidden from prying eyes.

When not in use as a nursing cover, it can also be worn as a scarf in many stylish ways. Simply loop twice around the neck for the infinity style. Twist one end to create a Euro loop. Unfold the back portion and turn it into a bandanna. It can also be turned into a shrug, worn in the classic double loop, twisted choker, broader shawl loop, single loop or asymmetric loop. It can also be worn as a halter top, poncho or a blouse.

There are so many options when it comes to wearing this item stylishly and hassle-free. It can be used in many other ways, too. It can be used as a baby wrap, it can be used as a cover over a car seat, strollers, or right over the baby while on a carrier to keep wind and sun from the baby. It can even be used as a car seat cover. It’s truly a multi-purpose, handy item for moms.

It is lightweight yet durable. It can be easily put on and taken off. It can also be folded into a small, neat bundle and stashed in a baby bag or purse. It does not take up too much storage space.

The scarf is big enough to provide ample cover for both baby and the mom during breastfeeding. The nursing scarf is 27 by 69 inches. Plus size women can also get ample overage with this size.

The material used is comfortable and soft. It is not see through but not too thick that it might smother the baby. It is thick enough for cover and thin enough for breathability. This is important especially in hot weather. However, this scarf is not thick enough to provide warmth while outside during the winter.

This scarf/nursing cover is made of a combination of polyester and cotton. These gives the scarf/nursing cover stretchiness without losing its elasticity over time. It can also survive several wash cycles and multiple uses. Cotton gives it softness and breathability for comfort in use especially in summer.

Choose from different colors such as black, grey and white, black chevron, grey, dark grey, grey chevron, and black and grey stripes. Moms can remain stylish while breastfeeding without having to buy several nursing covers just to match every day clothes. The neutral, basic colors can be easily paired with many other similar shades, different prints, even bright colored clothes. It is available in one size only.

QAQADU Nursing Cover Scarf

This is a multi-purpose scarf that performs well as a nursing cover. It is wide enough to cover the baby and keep the mom’s breasts from public view. The scarf-like design makes it easy to use as a cover. Simply put it over their head and let the bottom drape downwards. Place one end of the cover over your shoulder to hold it up, much like wearing a very large sash.

The material is stretchable and flexible. This allows for multiple types of uses such as a car seat cover, a cover for the baby’s stroller, swaddle, baby blanket or a canopy for the baby’s car seat. You can get creative and use this scarf as part of a stylish outfit instead of an added item in a purse or baby bag.

Best of all, it makes a great nursing cover when breastfeeding anytime, anywhere. The material is light but is not see-through. It also offers a 360-degree protection or cover.

The opening is wide enough to easily slip over the head and down to the upper body. The bottom edge is 27 inches wide. The neck area is 11 inches wide. The length of the cover/scarf is 24 inches.

It isn’t too wide that it slips off the shoulder while breastfeeding. It isn’t too narrow to be uncomfortable. The neck is also just wide enough to allow the mom to peek at the baby but keep prying eyes from seeing everything inside.

Plus size moms may find this item just a bit snug. The stretchy material tends to hug the mom and the baby while in use. It is a flowy type of fabric. The material is light, soft and comfortable. It is also breathable. This keeps the baby from smothering when breastfeeding in warm weather.

The cover also keeps the baby from getting exposed to dust, germs, wind and harsh sunlight.

The fabric is a combination of cotton and nylon. It is machine washable. That means easy to clean without worrying about sagging or getting out of shape after a few washes.

Available colors/designs to choose from includes black-and-white stripes, grey arrow, blue chevron pattern, and black with white stars.

QUNQI Star Breastfeeding Nursing Cover

This is a nursing cover made with 100% high quality cotton material. It is 100 cm (39.37 inches) wide and 72 cm (29.35 inches) long. This dimension is large enough to cover the mom and the baby during breastfeeding sessions and allow them some room to move.

This nursing cover comes with a waterproof bag. This can be used to keep the nursing cover for protection. This bag can also be used as a changing mat when changing diapers. The zipper closure design comes with a snap handle for convenient carrying.

Some variants of this nursing cover comes with a mosquito net to keep bugs away from the baby.

The nursing cover has two straps attached on top. One strap goes around the neck and the other is below the underarm. These straps are adjustable for greater comfort and better coverage.

Tightening the strap around the neck adjusts the height of the nursing cover. The strap under the underarms can be pulled tighter or loosened to bring the cover closer or away from the body.

These straps also help hold the cover in place leaving the mom’s hands free to hold and secure the baby.

The top of the cover, right around the middle section is a bendable area. This allows the mom to open the cover a little to check on the baby inside. This bendable section is perfectly looped out from the top to keep the baby from getting covered too tightly.

The cover is made of soft and lightweight material. It is also a breathable fabric to keep the baby from getting too warm when under the cover.

While under the cover, the baby is also protected from harmful UV rays and from the wind. It keeps the baby safe and secure during feeding times.

This cover can also be used in other ways. It can serve as a baby blanket and a sunshade.

The product description says 0-3 months but the cover is wide enough for use beyond 3 months. The baby’s legs and feet will peep put from the cover as he grows larger but the cover will still be able to keep the breasts from public view.

Available in various patterns:

  • Piper
  • Grey with mosquito net
  • Grey in bamboo fiber
  • Grey with wet dry bag
  • Grey
  • Floral patterns “R”
  • Floral with abstract pattern “U”
  • Patterned “U”
  • Swirl patterned pastel color “X”
  • Flowers with mosquito net
  • Piper
  • Wavy pattern with mosquito net
  • Soleil

This item can be washed in a washing machine on regular cycle or gentle wash cycle. Rinse and hang to dry.

Breastfeeding in public is now less awkward with nursing covers and nursing scarves. Keep the baby nourished well while keeping mom’s breasts from public view.

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