Outstanding Websites for Dog Care Information

Outstanding Websites for Dog Care Information
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

Once you decide to get a dog, you are taking on a whole new area of personal responsibility. Knowing what to do can be overwhelming, if you have little experience with dogs.
Thanks to the internet, however, there are many sites that have sound, proven advice for both new and veteran dog owners, to assist us in having healthy, happy pets.

Four great sites on proper dog care are:

Dog Age

The Dog Age site’s goal is to help dog owners make wise decisions about how to best take care of their pets.

They offer a free “Dog Age Test”, which determines if your particular breed of dog is older or younger than other
dogs of the same breed. Upon assessing what your dog’s “real age” is, they then provide suggestions on how to improve the health of your canine.

There is a lot of information here and they address concerns, such as neutering, dog food recommendations,
dog behavioral issues and more.

Pet Care Tips

Visit this site to subscribe for free to their pet tips newsletter

Which contains pet care tips, touching animal stories, animal news, animal jokes and animal quotes.

They offer an index of articles and links regarding dogs, such as subjects on dog training, puppy care, dog breeding, overweight dogs, proper nutrition, canine dental care, problems with fleas, arthritis in dogs, and a number of other things.

While they do appear to try to push a few products on you, you can still find excellent tips here, whether you purchase products they suggest or not.

Pet Place

This is a wonderful site that provides a number of articles on pet care issues related to dogs. Articles cover such areas as dog training, dog products, dog medication, dog illnesses and the like.

You can sign up for their free Dog Crazy newsletter, which includes pet stories, pet pictures and other helpful and inspirational resources for those of us who love dogs.

Dr. Jon, who began this site, is a caring veterinarian who owns a number of animal hospitals in Florida. If you have a question about a particular pet health concern, there is a form where you can submit a question to him. Additionally, he offers free e-courses, such as Guide to Successful Dog Adoption, 21 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Dog and House-training for Your Puppy.


While not solely related to just dogs, Petcyclopedia.com still has some extremely informational articles to help dog owners.

Some of their topics include dog training tips, dog ailments and diseases, concerns about child safety with dogs, grooming, separation anxiety, care for older dogs, etc.

Our Dogs Depend On Us

Anybody who has ever owned a dog knows that they can be a great source of love, friendship and loyalty.

The greatest thing we can do is to return the favor by making sure they remain in the best of health, both physically and mentally. At least in my opinion, our pets are members of our family and, like each human family member, should be valued and treated with respect and affection.

It’s no disgrace to get advice and help when you need it.

That only proves that you are dedicated to giving your dog the best you can give.

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