Pre-Natal Support Products

Pre-Natal Support Products
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

Every pregnant woman deserves to be pampered. Once a pregnancy has been confirmed there are so many questions about what products can be used to ease the pregnancy symptoms that it is important to address the many pre-natal support products. Which pre-natal support products really do what they advertise and which ones are recommended by other pregnant women?

Sleeping can be a problem as the pregnant abdomen expands so pre-natal support products that address this issue is typically something a pregnant woman wants to know about early on in the pregnancy. If you browse pregnancy forums you will notice the term “Boppy” being mentioned a lot. The Boppy is a pre-natal and post-natal support pillow that offers support to the pregnant body and helps align the body while sleeping or resting. The Boppy is a total body pillow. Many pregnant women not only talk about the Boppy but have used it while pregnant and afterwards to pamper themselves after giving birth.

Another problem faced by pregnant women is back pain, feet and ankle swelling and pressure on the bladder as the abdomen expands. There are pre-natal support products that are geared to bring relief from these symptoms. While searching pregnancy forums I found several products being mentioned including the Boppy and maternity support belts. It is a good idea to explore product websites, discuss the benefits and risks of the products as well as to get reviews from other women who have previously used or are currently using pre-natal support products before you invest in the products yourself.

You can explore the Boppy on the website

Which includes not only products for the mom-to-be but products for the nursery, accessories, pillows and loungers too. There are links on the website to Build-a-Boppy, buy a Boppy and a link that explains how to use a Boppy.

Maternity support belts are worn by pregnant women in order to relieve the back pain that often accompanies the state of pregnancy. The maternity support belt is worn to aid in reducing pressure on the bladder, to help decrease the occurrence of varicosities, to improve blood circulation in the pelvis, to prevent pre-term contractions and to give the woman greater comfort while exercising. Many pregnant women have used maternity support belts to bring relief from back pain and when speaking to a few pregnant women a few website names often pop up during the conversation when discussing maternity support belts including and You can explore these websites for more information about maternity support belts.

The Maternity Boutique magazine website has a good explanation of how the Prenatal Cradle® supports the pelvic area and improves blood circulation to the legs and feet of the pregnant woman. The Prenatal Cradle® is a support band worn by pregnant women. You can read more about this product on the website.

Pre-natal support products can assist pregnant women find relief from some of the pregnancy symptoms they experience. Your healthcare provider can probably give you a list of these support products or at least give you information about where to start your search for these pre-natal support products.


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