Suggestions for Creating a Hi-Tech Bathroom

Suggestions for Creating a Hi-Tech Bathroom
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

Technology is your thing. You love any new form of technology that comes about. Living and breathing technology, sound like you? If this is you then why not let your bathroom show off your love for technology? Not really sure how to do that. Well here are some suggestions on how to get your bathroom to show off you hi-tech personality.

If you are a shower person why not go for a hi-tech shower? A hi-tech shower can be yours with the Grohe Wireless digital shower. You can control your digital shower from any place in your home by using the remote control that comes with this hi-tech shower. Water temperature can be adjusted easily to your specific requirements. This shower definitely will put you into a new century.

Another concept in hi-tech showering would be to go with a lighted water shower. The water coming through the showerhead and changes colors with the change in water temperature powering the lights. Not as hi-tech as the digital shower but still sure to spice up your showering experience.

For you technology minded people who still love a nice long soak in a tub don’t worry. Technology has not left you behind. But long soaks in a tub can sometimes get boring. You can now get a hi-tech bathtub that not only relaxes you but also entertains you. La Scala has created a bathtub with both things in mind. Technology at it’s finest and a real boredom cure. The La Scala bathtub comes with a built-in complete entertainment system; surround sound and a floating remote control. This bathtub fits two people side by side and also has ten highly adjustable jets. This hi-tech bathtub provides relaxing comfort and extreme entertainment.

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Sharper Image has produced a Soap Genie that will dispense soap as soon as your hand is under it. The Soap Genie will even play a musical sound when it is done. Now even your soap dispenser has gone hi-tech. Now when designing a hi-tech bathroom filled with the technology we cannot leave out the toilet. Toto has come up with a new concept for the bidet toilet commonly known now as Washlet (A bidet toilet is one that has a spout to wash you when you are done going to the bathroom). This new form of the bidet toilet lets you press a button when you are done to cleanse your self. The wand stays hidden under the seat until you press the cleanse button and then retracts back when you are done.

Now the problem is you are sitting there wet from water. Can’t pull your pants up like that. Well, don’t worry the makers of this toilet have thought of that also. That is why Toto has equipped this toilet with a dryer. The drying cycle can be adjusted as well as the temperature. It was designed to do away with toilet paper and to be more sanitary. This toilet will be sure to confuse any non-technology buff friends that you might have over.

There is a major downfall with going hi-tech with your bathroom. The downfall with this is the expense of buying and installing hi-tech fixtures into your bathroom. These suggestions that I have given are not very cheap so it will cost you money to upgrade your bathroom. But if you have the money and are willing to spend it then you can have a bathroom that fits your technology-minded personality.

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