SunrisePro Kitchen Knife Sharpener Review

SunrisePro Kitchen Knife Sharpener Review
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

The SunrisePro Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener is made by Sunrise Pro. The company was established some time ago under the JJL LLC Corporation for the manufacturing of home care products. They have an established line of various products such as knife sharpeners, office chair cushions, wooden cook book stands, and multi port USB chargers.

SunrisePro has always maintained an unmatched level of quality with their products and their high quality line of products has earned them praise and commendation. You can usually buy their products with piece of mind that you’re getting quality products. Even on the off chance that you don’t get something that is up to your standards, the company offers a money back guarantee. They will not only refund your money but will also let you keep the product without having to send it in, no questions asked.

Main Features

The SunrisePro Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener is quick and efficient at doing its job. While most cheaper knife sharpeners take upwards of five to ten minutes on average, the SunrisePro Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener does most sharpening jobs within just a couple of swipes. This will save you valuable time that can better spent on completing your chores or getting your cooking done.

The blade sharpener is very capable at doing its job and will dull even the dullest of blades. You can use this blade sharpener on any old knife or dulled knife and get great results. It also maintains this quality by being efficient at its job even after considerable use. You can use the blade sharpener even after a year of heavy usage and it will still work as perfectly as the first day of use.


You can use the SunrisePro Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener on a variety of different knifes without a hitch. The blade sharpener works on just about any cooking knife, utility knife, bread knife, and even crafting knifes. What’s more, the blade sharpener is capable of working on serrated edge knifes as well. This is a great feature as most average manual or cheap knife sharpeners are not able to work with serrated knifes or any kind of knife that isn’t strictly straight edged.

The cost of the Sunrise Pro Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener is pretty reasonable for an electric knife sharpener. You can buy the unit along with all its included accessories for just around $7. This is an absolute steal of a price as many manual knife sharpeners cost more than this.


The SunrisePro Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener is great and affordable product for sharpening your knives whether they are straight edged or whether they have serrated edges in them.

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