We Reviewed Some Pretty Awesome Tool Boxes

We Reviewed Some Pretty Awesome Tool Boxes
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

Tool storage has been taken to the next level with this amazing work of storage art. For years Dewalt has been known for producing quality tool storage items and with this portable tool box it really has outdone itself this time. The toolbox has an extra-long handle that makes carrying it about far easier.


  • A very flexible platform which allows different combinations
  • Removable covered cups for better storage
  • Ball bearing slides for better mobility
  • Can be attached to other TSTAK tool boxes for more capacity
  • Heavy-duty metal latches provide enough tensile strength to carry around heavy weights

This box is pretty low in price with all its offering. The tool box has a lot of storage capacity, this allows storing of both your smallest and largest tools. Due to its feature to be attached to other toolboxes of the same kind, this model is very popular amongst work companies. The best tool box should provide a far better storage facility to enable you to carry it around with great ease. This tool box gives you all that and more. The bad thing I can see is that the top part of the box is not as spacious as the bottom.

This is because it’s designed for smaller tools to be on top. By stacking the top with your smaller items and the bottom with larger ones, you don’t need to be concerned about your tools being out of place, because once you have kept the items inside the box they will remain in their stable position. This tool box is more of a multi-purpose toolbox and can even be used to store items such as an Angle Grinder.

Tool Box Facts

Dewalt offers its buyers the opportunity to choose from 6 different cases and pre-formed pick able foam for the inside. Perfect for equipment other than tools and the best part is you can stack other tool boxes too, providing more compartments and storage space. The long handle on this tool box provides a great ease to carry it around to worksites and the impeccable compartments makes the box best for those who like to keep their things safe and well organized, just as they left them last.

It’s not the perfect toolbox though, even though it comes with the feature of stacking other toolboxes with it, it cannot stack any tool box on the top, that can be quite a hassle for people who would like to store more on the top half. The other flaw is that it was designed to store small to mid-size items, so if you intend to store larger tools, you might want to rethink that decision, as they likely won’t fit inside.

It can store small hand tools on the top compartment and the other compartments can store mid-size tools such as drills and sanders. The plastic itself is not nearly as rigid or sturdy enough to carry heavy items and it has a very strong smell that doesn’t go away. But at a price this low and with the features it comes with, this tool box is clearly a bargain. The product might have some flaws like most products do but you can overlook these small details. It costs way less than a lot of the products on the market.


The TSTAK is one of the best toolbox organizers with ample compartmentalization and space for your handy tools. These are the tools you would always keep close by and helps you with better portability. This tool box has very strong and sturdy hinges that ensure the lid does not fly open. For storing really important (and potentially expensive items inside), you need sturdy locks, which these hinges provide.

Like we already mentioned, for a toolbox to be the best tool box, it must have two things: the first one is portability and the second one is of course the amount of space it provides. This product by Dewalt could be the next best storage item on any handyperson’s list. With its efficient features, long durable handle, excellent stacking functionality, elegant design and full portability, it’s easily the best around.

This could be one of the best tool boxes you could ever get for yourself, the built-in latches and hinges provide additional security to the contents inside the box. There are definitely a lot of options for you out there if you want to get a tool box but if you’re looking for something handy and want to keep all your small tools organized and in one safe place, then this toolbox is what you should purchase soon.


This is a tool box that every keen organizer needs in their life. Designed with innovation in mind, this box allows you to keep all of your small tools well organized. Well within an ideal range, this tool box should be the best option for people who like to keep their small but essential tools about with them.

With its top organizer that enables you to sort your small tools and items without having to worry too much about losing them or searching for them inside the tool box. It’s a real pain when you put small tools inside a box, but you still can’t find them, you do not have to worry about that with this tool box.

Features and Specifications:

  • Amazing compartmentalization
  • Tool tray with handles
  • Geometric latch lock
  • Pad eye lock facility
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The toolbox itself is the best storage solution for smaller tools such as nails and screws. Items that are bound to get lost easily. It’s perfectly organized so that you can put similar items in one compartment and those of other kinds in another. This helps to keep all the tools you do have in check. The tool box has a tray for smaller items, giving you optimum small Item storage. It’s safe and perfect to store kid’s tools and toys since the locks are not that challenging for a child to open alone, a simple little feature.


It can be one of the best items of material storage for kids. Overall, it’s an impeccable general-purpose toolbox for people who travel and like to take their essential tools with them. Because of its small and compact sizes, this tool box is often used to store other items instead of conventional tools. We would not recommend the item if you want to store larger tools, it does not have enough strength to carry it.

It can carry a huge number of items outside of your standard tools, such as pet grooming equipment, camera equipment and even utensils. Remember not to jam pack this tool box with any heavy items as this can easily break it. The tool box throws a lot of people off because it has a very low price, most people before buying would assume it’s made of cheap parts, however the product is one of the best.

With a surprisingly low price, it is a high-quality tool box, best for small tools. It is exceptionally handy and with a very innovative, cutting edge design which a lot of people have learned to love. You know what they say, the best things often come in small packages and it’s the exact case with this tool box. It’s small and light weight, if you see it for the first time you wouldn’t be too enthusiastic about buying it but it is a great ‘must have’ for those who have a lot of small items, but have no place to store them.


Stanley is a company that produces some of the best tool storage items out there. All the way from large tool chests to medium sized portable toolboxes. Though small, compact and lightweight, this could be one of the best products by Stanley. Depending upon its use, which is lightweight storage.

Now you get to have a separate tool box for your little nails, screws and screwdrivers. If you are not a full-fledged mechanic but are very handy and like to keep things simple, then this box is the solution to all your tool problems. The thing with smaller tools is that if you keep them in larger boxes they are more prone to getting misplaced or lost, making it hard to keep a check on the items you are storing.

This toolbox was designed for better storage for small items and better portability. If you are a handy person, get your toolbox today and keep your small tools from getting misplaced again. This product is suited to all age groups and has a design that all would love and embrace. The geometric lock is not a complicated lock and just in case you thought you did not have any storage space left, there is more.


The tool box comes with side storage compartments enabling a more flexible storage solution. It’s a mid-range tool box which comes with the best small to medium size tool storage around. It’s suitable for everybody, from kids and adults to the elderly. The Stanley STST-13331-12.5 although quite small comes at a low price but don’t be thrown off guard, this amazing toolbox is the perfect tool organizer.

It’s quite a portable tool box however it does come with the cost of lesser storage capacity. If you’re in a rush and need to travel to some other part of the world and cannot leave without your special tools, then throw them in this toolbox and carry them with you anywhere without having to worry about the weight. This product could be one of the best mid-range boxes due to its good portability and storage.


This is a new and improved design to be the perfect organizer for maximum storage. The DWST17807 tool box has very flexible combination that allows stacking of other boxes. They can stack up together with durable side latches. This tool box has a bi-material handle at the top of each unit, allowing easy handling and heavy-duty metal latches that are rust resistant, all to ensure safe and resistant storage.

Features and Specifications:

  • Has the strength to carry a weight of up to 66 pounds
  • Flexible platform for better combinations
  • Durable latches allow easy stacking
  • Heavy-duty metal latches and hinges
  • Perfect storage for your home DIY

The first thing we would like to talk about is the latches on the side of the tool box. You already know that these latches enable you to stack up other boxes for better storage. With any storage shortages, you can stack on another box to get rid of that dilemma. The second thing we would like to talk about is the box itself. It has a flat top box which is perfect for any number of power tools, like circular saws.


You can easily fit a drill machine and charger in there to carry it around with you. You can also use a custom foam for your tools to fit better in the box. To keep the contents of your box safe and out of reach from others, you can simply lock it up a with a secure pad lock, something combination based.

The box has handles on the top and the sides, enabling you to carry it around however you like. That being said, the box is not designed to carry around heavy weighted tools. It’s small and can’t fit larger tools like a chain or pole saw. It can fit all standard tools like hammers, power tools and screwdrivers.

The box is designed to be durable and can withstand any worksite damage. All in all, it is a nice tool box which provides enough space for you to carry your power tools or medium sized essential tools with you with great ease. If you want more storage space, you can still stack other boxes with it. The tool box also has strong metal latches and hinges that helps to keep the box’s lid from coming open every now and then. This could be the ideal tool box for you to carry around all your standard tools.

Reviews and Conclusion

Not keeping in mind, the flaws of the box. It’s well worth the money you’re putting in it. Now you don’t have to be concerned about losing your power tool equipment because you did not have the suitable tool box. This tool box is a medium size and very easily portable with some great organizing features.

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