Why You Should Care About Rolling Boxes for Your Tools

Why You Should Care About Rolling Boxes for Your Tools
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

No matter how organized you may be if you don’t put your things in one place they are bound to get lost and we all know how much of nuisance that is. The thing with tools is that when you need to fix a certain something and you need the right tool they’re never there, if you don’t put them in a tool box you can kiss them goodbye when you really need them. So yes, in order to keep your tools organized you will need a very well organized toolbox that is durable, easy to carry around but mainly portable.

If you’re more of a once a week home maintenance kind of person then you should really go for a tool chest and if it has wheels then that’s even better. Kind of like a moveable wardrobe but for your tools. If you’re looking for a suitable toolbox but don’t know where to gets it from then worry not we have a list for you. Here are the best tool chests that you can get for your tools for all different price ranges.

You’ve got a messy garage and misplaced tools and you don’t know what to do. Well, we’ll tell you what you need to do, get yourself this tool chest already. This tool chest is a one of kind tool chest because it comes with the amazing feature of being stackable. So, now you can either; use it as an entire tool chest or separate all the tool chest from the storage cabinet and use it accordingly. The product comes in a vibrant red, which makes the tool chests stand out over other chests out there.


  • This tool chest has multiple storage drawers, these drawers are equipped with one top box drawer, three small drawers, two trays, three large drawers, and one big bottom cabinet
  • The top unit of the tool chest comes with locks and keys for extra security
  • Trays and drawers of the chest are lined with a foam lining that absorbs oils and grease
  • It’s multipurpose in the way that you can use both the tool chest and the cabinet together
  • Has a very solid exterior and interior
  • Created from the best steel
  • Complete with four Omni-directional casters and a side handle for easy movement
  • Combined Tool Box Dimensions: 23.5”(L) x 13”(W) x 42.5”(H); Total Weight Capacity: 295 lbs

The drawers of the tool chest are deep and wide enough to fit power tools and circular saws in it. The bottom compartments on the other hand is spacious and allows room for larger tools with great ease. Also, these tool chests is portable which is a rare occurrence with tool chest. The top chests can easily be separated from the bottom with the handles. The top of this tool chest has easily removable bars.


That would keep the box from opening when you’re carrying it around. It is very lightweight because it’s not made from a very thick metal, making carrying things around almost effortless. However, the tool chest is not made from a very heavy weight metal so throwing in tools or being way too harsh to it thinking its strength would only harm both its interior and exterior. This could cause dents inside of the surface of the tool chest so be careful when you’re filing it with stuff. Also, the assembling of the tool chest would need a lot of care and professional handling otherwise the chest may come undone.

Now this tool chest could be a very nice addition to your garage or work station, with its fireman red coloured metal exterior, it can bring life to a rather not so colourful looking garage. It is amazing how portable and mobile this tool chest really is. The tool chest is ideal for users who are looking to for a place to store items other than tools, like cameras, sound equipment or electric griddles. This chest could be very useful for studio usage, you can put it in the studio to keep your cool equipment stored.

This toolbox is user friendly in all the right ways. It allows an adequate amount of storage for all your essential items but would cater to any of your needs. If you’re a fairly handy person then you can just separate the tool chest from the cabinet and take it with you anywhere you like. If you are more of an organized, methodical person and like keeping your tools in one safe place then you can do that here.


It can be stored in a garage or studio because of its out of the ordinary red exterior. Not to mention that the security the toolbox provides, you would not have to worry about your items getting stolen, misplaced or your kids running into them. That is of course if you don’t want them to. This tool chest is something that you need if you really want to build a wardrobe for precious tools. For the price, it comes with amazing features. The rolling tool chest should be the next big thing on any shopping list.

If you are feeling like it, you can even carry it to work, but remember not to be too harsh to it. If you do not like where the tool chest is standing at your workstation. You can always move this around to your desired spot. The red color can add some extra flare to your workstation. Get this storage item for yourself, it would not just give you some extra storage but would add a dash of style to a garage.


This next tool chest on our list is a mid-range tool chest that comes in at a really low price point. This tool chest is 26 inches long and has 5 ball bearing slide drawers, it has a licking bar, a string recessed side handle and has really sophisticated blue powder coat paint finish. The entire unit is made from a cold rolled steel. Also, it is known that the tool chest has features that a high-value chest would have.


  • It has five ball bearing slide drawers which can support the storage of up to 50 pounds
  • It has a powdered steel coated painted body that adds an extra dash of durability
  • The coating also provides great scratch resistance
  • It has recessed side handles that aid a lot in better movement of the chest
  • The best tool box is secure with locks so you wouldn’t have to worry about theft

Overall, this rolling tool chest is sturdy and holds up well. The quality of the product is well adequate, but you still need to consider the stuff you are stacking inside the tool chest since it is made of a very lightweight steel. Shoving too much stuff in this chest can actually do you more harm than good. You can store any standard sized item in this tool chest such as your hammers, screwdrivers, power tools and the power chargers for them. The locking and unlocking mechanism can be a little bit of a hassle.


If you open the top then you’d have to open all the drawers and then close the top. If you’d want to fix this, then you would have to pull out the locking bars completely. For regular usage of this box, it may be a hassle. Like every product this one has its flaws too but at a low price such as this it is definitely a good bargain. It has pre-cut foam lining in the drawers for stable storage in the drawer. The best tool chest should be the one that keeps your tools well organized, which this tool chest obviously provides.

At a price like this, it’s rare to find a chest that has just four drawers, let alone five. The five drawers provide extra room for storage. Not to mention that the drawers themselves have been neatly lined by foam which helps keep your tools and accessories together. Let’s just face it, it does not have the most amazing storage capacity available and it is not designed with the best precision ever, but you can’t expect everything to be at 100% at a price that goes under $100, many would overlook this gem.

But apparently, the product is a lot more than its low price. It’s incredibly stylish blue color makes the chest stand out. This toolbox may come with minor dents along the sides but other than that, it is an ideal toolbox for people who’d like to keep things low key. This is the quality product that would keep the mess of your tools in one place. The foam in the drawers absorb all that extra oil and grease from your tools to avoid any sort of irritation or rusting that you may experience while handling these tools.


There a lot of tool chests out there, some are expensive, and some are cheaper. But this one is your safest bet tool chest that can do the tricks of any great tool chest. Keeping all of your essential tools packed safely into one place, you will not have to rummage through your entire garage for just one screwdrivers. This way you know where you have placed your most important tools safe and secure.

Tools boxes out there can go up to around the $300 mark and sometimes most of these extra value tool chests do not even come close to your expectations. Then you are left with disappointment and regrets. The regrets of buying a product that was not worth the price you paid for. With the five foam filled drawers of the tool chest, it provides you with maximum organized storage space for both your small items and all medium sized tools. The cherry on top is that you can store items other than tools.

Like your camera equipment. You can even customize your storage box. What’s great about the tool box is the sophisticated color from the finest powdered paint coat. This gives you the opportunity to use this toolbox for a longer span of time because the paint makes the exterior of the chest resistant to all scratches. Therefore, your tool box would look young or newly bought, even though it could be many years old. Longevity is quite possibly one of the best features any product can provide you with.


So don’t wait any longer, get this piece of metal in your home and keep everything organized. Make it so that you won’t have to create a mess every time you look for certain tools whilst trying to fix things and make that weekly maintenance experience of yours far more organized. For the price, this quality tool chest actually provides you with a lot of amazing features and feels like a bargain in comparison.

You no longer must spend hours assembling the product because it does not complicate things for you. This is your very own, easy on the eye, lightweight toolbox that could be every tool enthusiast’s organizer. It’s a handy person’s go-to storage item that they would appreciate but also a perfect gift.

Stanley 037025H

The third tool chest on this list is a valuable tool chest and is by the one and only Stanley. Stanley is one of the leading brands out there that excel in Storage box production. This product was created after the merger of Stanley and Black and Decker, two very strong and well-respected tool creators.


  • This tool chest has a large wide steel handle with a really soft grip that provides easy mobility
  • It also has a portable deep tire tray
  • Has an incredible capacity
  • Has heavy duty wheels with the dimensions of Assembled Depth (in.)-34.25 in
  • Assembled Width (in.)-20.47 in, Assembled Height (in.)-18.9 in, Handle Length (in.) -15in
  • Also, the product comes in this amazing matte black color that makes it look really sophisticated

The chest by Stanley is actually very spacious and allows you to store items other than your standard tools. This tool chest is especially ideal for your power tools or electronic items, since it is plastic. Not to mention the box is completely and absolutely rainproof. It is spacious enough to hold a lot of your tools, however, sticking your tool chest with all these items might make it very heavy to carry around.


However, the locks that come with the tool chest are not as strong as you would expect them to be. They kind of act more like lid latches. This tool chest might look small visually but when you actually buy it and it’s right in front of you it’s then you realize how tall and spacious it really is. Since this has such an enormous size, carrying it around can be a small bit of a challenge because it seems like the built in wheels of the tool chest are too small to support the overall weight of this toolbox, not great.

Moving it around in small steps can often be a challenge in itself. This tool chest or realistically more of a toolbox, is very durable and has a great construction. Not to mention it’s mainly water resistant, providing extra protection to all your tools and electronic equipment so you would not have to worry about all of your stuff inside getting rusty or wet, at least not inside the box anyway, good protection.


Bring home this tool chest and you will not regret the decision of getting it. It’s waterproof and no great hassle assembling it. You can fill this in with your tools or electronic items and even books if you’re not a bookshelf kind of person. You wouldn’t have to worry about your tools going rusty or your electronic items getting water damaged with this tool chest. Finally, the best thing is you can even throw it in the back of your cars or trucks trunk and carry it around to different work places.

Considering the price for such a spacious and user-friendly tool storage item, it is a good bargain.

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