Winplus Car Jump Start & Portable Power Bank: A Convenient Alternative to Jumper Cables

Winplus Car Jump Start & Portable Power Bank A Convenient Alternative to Jumper Cables
Written by Alyssia Walmsley


Here’s a fact: There’s no way of knowing when people might find themselves in an emergency– such as having a car that unexpectedly refuses to start. No one will ever wish to find themselves trapped in the middle of nowhere with a drained car battery and a mobile phone that is almost dead. Fortunately, this won’t be that big of a problem when you have the Winplus Car Jump Start & Portable Power Bank. Whether you find yourself stranded, camping out, or dealing with a sudden power outage, this nifty device will provide you with the power needed to save the situation in no time.


  • Lithium ion battery
  • Charging time of 4 to 5 hours
  • 8,000 mAh power bank
  • 2 USB ports; 2.1A for fast charging and 1.0A for standard charging
  • UL-certified jump starter
  • 3-mode flashlight
  • Durable aluminum case
  • Can charge devices up to 1,000 times

A New Breed of Jump Starters

There are moments when car batteries suddenly discharge and you’ll find it impossible to start the car if you don’t have some extra tools at hand. You’ll typically need some jumper cables and a willing motorist to jump-start your car in the unfortunate event that this happens. By connecting your car’s battery to the battery of another vehicle, you can get the power you need to start the car.

You can also call for road assistance if no other motorists are in the area. Both of these options are the usual solutions, but they aren’t exactly convenient especially when you need to get going right away. Nowadays, however, car owners have a new option when they are suddenly faced with such a problem: the power bank that also acts as a jump starter. It’s another 21st century invention that makes life so much easier!

The usual battery jump starter is almost as big as a car battery itself. It is a tool that is generally seen in car shops and auto repair stores, but it is too heavy and bulky to be a part of a regular person’s car emergency kit. Now, a new breed of portable jump starters has emerged. The mini jump starter, such as the Winplus Car Jump Start & Power Bank, is a lithium-ion battery pack that you can carry wherever you go.

Reliability in a Tiny Package

These days, the power bank is viewed by many as an essential part of their arsenal especially when they are always on the go. Winplus recognized this consumer need and stepped up their game by integrating a car jump starter into a power bank. People may not immediately think that something so small can actually start a car but the idea totally makes sense if you’re the type of person who always wants to have a ready solution for emergencies.

The size of the product is 11.5 x 11.3 x 5 inches and it weighs only 2.65 pounds. For comparison, the device is similar in size to a large smart phone or a typical external hard drive for the PC. This tiny package is handy enough to carry around in your bag or store in your car’s glove compartment.

The 8,000 mAh power capacity is enough to charge your mobile devices, laptops, as well as your car’s battery. It has four indicator lights that will tell you how much charge you still have. One indicator light corresponds to 25% charge, so when all four lights are turned on it means that your device is fully charged. As for the battery life, it can jump start your car a number of times before you’ll need to charge it again. Winplus has also added fuse protection, as well as protection for overcharge and overdischarge to guarantee user safety and to protect your devices’ batteries.

Its reliability doesn’t stop there, though. It can also charge your lawn mower, motorcycle, or boat. Then for dark moments, it has a 3-mode flashlight, which includes “on”, “strobe”, and “SOS”. Not only does it provide power when the batteries of your car or your devices are drained, but you can also use it as a light source. It’s definitely a must bring for camping and nature trips, as it can be used as a charger and a flashlight. A perfect gadget for emergencies, indeed!

The Winplus Car Jump Start & Power Bank also comes with a one-year warranty. As long as you follow their terms and conditions, any defects that are not caused by your negligence will be covered for 12 months after you have made the purchase.

When the Winplus Car Jump Start & Power Bank Comes Handy

We can’t tell when exactly we’ll need to have a jump starter ready, but it’s always better to be prepared when it finally happens. The best examples for when this comes handy are probably when you are taking your car for a road trip or when the weather is relatively cold.

Other common scenarios include forgetting to turn off the car lights and leaving them on overnight, or using the car as a radio and blasting it at full volume. These situations can leave your car battery discharged. Car batteries usually last between five years and ten years, so it can also quickly and unexpectedly become discharged when your battery is old.

Sometimes, even after having the battery replaced, it can still be discharged if the car remains unused for a number of days. This may be caused by parasitic draw, which means that the car battery may be in load despite the car not being in use. This can also happen when your battery terminals are corroded. Many situations may cause your car battery to suddenly discharge, but having the Winplus Car Jump Start & Power Bank may be all you need to solve it.

How to Use the Winplus Car Jump Start & Power Bank

 This device isn’t very complicated to use. Here are some things to take note of:

  • Using the device as a jump starter: Connect your jumper cables to the power bank. Then, connect the red clamp to the positive terminal and the black clamp to the negative terminal. The clamps should not be attached at the same time. Turn on your power bank and make sure that at least 3 indicator lights are on. Start your car and disconnect the cables.
  • Using the device as a power bank: Plug a USB cable into one of the 2 charging ports. The power bank will charge your device automatically. You will know that your gadgets are being charged when the indicator lights turn on.
  • Using the device as a flashlight: Hold the power button down for about 3 seconds. The order of the modes will be “on”, “strobe”, then “SOS”.

Some Drawbacks

Priced at $92.99 on, it isn’t exactly the cheapest when you look at other power banks, but those cheaper options cannot act as car jump starters in an emergency. The extra dollars you pay does give you peace of mind when you’re on the go.

Although the product comes with a heavy-duty aluminium case and has a durable build, it is not weather-proof. Keep it as dry as possible if you need to use it in wet environments as water may damage the device.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a car jump starter and a power bank in one, then the Winplus Car Jump Start & Power Bank is for you. It is a very handy device that you can carry around in your pocket, your bag, or your car. Not only does it give life to your mobile devices and gadgets, but it can also bring your car back into life when it counts.

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